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  • Like when my cat rolled on her back, exposing her belly, I learned that it meant she trusted me and wanted me to pet her
  • The book recommend vaccinations of course, especially if my cats were outdoor, which they’re not

    • by sarahdragon26

      If anyone had ever told me that I would be a cat owner, I would have laughed at them. I had dogs most of my childhood and my family never looked at getting a cat, even thou kittens are just too cute for words. So, when I met my husband, he had a cat. We eventually adopted several other cats, but I was finding myself at a loss of how to take care of them. I knew about dogs, but next to nothing about cats. So I got that Cat Owner Home Veterinary Handbook.

      While the book has a lot of good information about diseases cats could get and

      how they could spread, I was mainly interested in reading about cat behavior. Why they do what they do and what it means. I could understand dogs because if they want to play, they will come to you. If they want attention, food, etc, they let you know. Cats are a lot harder to read. Like when my cat rolled on her back, exposing her belly, I learned that it meant she trusted me and wanted me to pet her. Or when my cats started to sleep between me and my husband, they wanted to be close to us and were comforted by our scents. Cats are also not always as playful as dogs and my son figured that out when he tried chasing one of ours and she hid from him. But when they want attention, they can be very vocal about it with purring or flexing their claws.

      The book also gave me some information about natural treatments for my cats if they might get sick, instead of taking them to an animal hospital every time they threw up or any other kind of illness. Animal hospital can be expensive and if there’s nothing wrong that would make it life threatening or in need of immediate medical attention, I can take care of my cat at ...

      • Cat Owner Home Veterinary Handbook
      home. The book recommend vaccinations of course, especially if my cats were outdoor, which they’re not. While the book also provided a helpful list of things I should have around the house in case I need to help my cat with any medical issues. Things like a syringe and rectal thermometer, as well as cotton balls and gauze pads. Thankfully, I had not had to use any of the items listed, but it’s always good to have them.

      One big concern I had was that everyone was telling me to get my cats declawed and after reading a section of this book, I was completely against it. Yes, I

      do not like being clawed by my cats, but it just seemed too inhumane to do that to my cats. To have their claws torn out. They have their own clawing towers to flex their claws on and not the furniture. The book explained how it could be painful for the cats and sometimes, can change their personalities because their angry or hurting. I just can’t do that to my cats.

      In all, the book was very informative and I learned a great deal from it. It is a most have for people who have cats and want to know all that they can about their new family members. I highly recommend it.

Brian David Parker says :

Did you know Dogs do the same thing? They will NOT roll on their backs unless they show trust in your eyes.
Vital Expressions says :

That’s weird, most of the cats I have encountered when they roll on their backs if I pet their belly they will scratch or bite in a playful manner, not because they want their bellies to be pet? Dogs on the other hand, I have one who also only rolls on his back when playing, though I just always thought he was a weirdo because of it
sarahdragon26 replies :

Whenever my cats roll on their backs and I rub their bellies, they never once have tried to bit me. They do that to my husband who plays with them. With me, they just let me pet them as they purr up a storm.

And I always knew that about dogs. I’ve had dogs most of my life, but never cats until I got married.
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