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  • The first thing I noticed when I got it was how tiny this product is
  • I actually have a pair of Bluetooth headset so I decided to try it out
  • However, I realized that there is a disadvantage with the wireless headset
  • I would say that this feature is nice to have, but definitely not needed
  • In my opinion, the battery is very unstable

    • by MisterTickle


      This 8 GB music player is only 2 inches big. The screen is fully touch screen and it places a huge emphasis on the audio quality. It claims to offer video playback, but there is a slight catch, which I will explain a bit later. This music player is equipped with FM radio with 30 presets. The battery is estimated to last 20 hours for music playback and 5 hours for video playback.

      I’ve just summarized the specs so I hope that was helpful. The first thing I noticed when I got it was how tiny this product is. The screen size is 2 inches and the body isn’t really that much bigger. Overall, great to carry around with me. The music player is well built. It isn’t made up of some cheap plastic. This music player has some unique features, but it also lacks a few features.

      When I started using it, I plugged my headphones into this music player. Later on, I realized that it has a Bluetooth technology. I can actually wirelessly

      listen to the music of my choice. I actually have a pair of Bluetooth headset so I decided to try it out. Overall, the Bluetooth headset does offer convenience. I no longer have to worry about my cords being tangled up. I actually do not waste any time trying to untangle the wires. However, I realized that there is a disadvantage with the wireless headset. The wireless headset needs to be charged. With a regular pair of earphones, they run on the power provided by the music player. With the wireless headset, it has its own separate battery pack. Now, I have to make sure that when I go out, the battery of my wireless headset is also charged. Not a huge inconvenience, but I would hate to have the battery die out on me while I am outdoors. Then I would be lugging a pair of useless headphones.

      Second of all, the video playback is quite a disappointment. I was surprised to not have realized this when given the specs of the screen size. For starters, watching videos on a 2 inch screen simply isn’t pleasant. I cannot make out any of the details and the picture quality isn’t pleasant. It is worse than watching those poorly made Youtube videos on my computer. The video format is MP4 AAC, but there is no point in copying videos to this player. If I were to watch a whole movie on this music player with the 2 inch screen, I would end up being crossed eyed. This is a useless feature and I don’t even know why Creative would mention that it is possible. Just because a video can be played, that does not mean that it is a good idea to play the videos.

      I also noticed that Creative Labs has an emphasis on the X-Fi feature. I didn’t quite understand it at first, but it turns out to be a audio quality feature. They claim that the audio would be much better while using the X-Fi. To be honest, I don’t notice a difference. I ...

      • Creative Labs Zen X-Fi3 MP3 Music Player
      could be playing the same song on my computer and still hear it with the same quality. On the website, they actually emphasize the quality difference. In reality, I would say it depends on the actual file and if it has any special effects that need hardware requirements to be noticeable. I would say that this feature is nice to have, but definitely not needed.

      Also, the next thing is the radio. 30 presets available is not very convenient. Sure I can save more radio stations, but I think the purpose of having presets is to quickly and efficiently switch between my favorite stations. With 30 presets, this is not the case. If I actually save 30 stations, I still end up scrolling through them to find the channel I want. There isn’t a way to hide some of the presets and add configurations. Also, the internal antenna is very weak. I normally, I can get 20 or so local radio stations. With my full size radio, I can get stations a few miles

      away. The antenna is much stronger. The radio feature produces a lot of static. Since the antenna is internal, I have no idea on how to improve the signal. Nowadays, I hardly use the radio because it is hard to find a good portable one.

      Lastly, I would like to talk a bit about the battery. In my opinion, the battery is very unstable. I don’t mean that it drains really quickly or anything like that. I keep getting this feeling that the battery isn’t very well built. This battery tends to tear much easier. For example, the battery just drained on me while I was using the Bluetooth connection. On the other hand, the battery lasted quite a while when I was using just a regular pair of earphones. Also, the radio produces a different battery life duration. To me, the battery is the hardware that needs the most work. Also, I would like it better if it were possible to have a bigger screen so I can actually utilize the video feature.

Shaun Kane says :

There are a couple of things that I noticed about this review that you may need to look into further before giving the cons about this product.

First, if you’re using your blue tooth headphones for listening, then the radio isn’t going to get very good reception at all. Most radios of this variety (MP3 players, smart phones, etc.) use the wires on your headphones as an antenna. So, by using your blue tooth headphones you’re not using an antenna at all. No antenna equals poor radio reception.

Secondly, you said that the battery is not well built because the blue tooth feature drains the batter faster than the headphones do. Blue tooth technology transmits to about a 10 meter radius constantly. That is going to use up a considerable amount of power compared to a small piece of wire approximately 3 feet long.

I’ve used this product before and I thought that it worked great. My only problem was one of the same ones that you had. The screen was way too small for video viewing.
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