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  • When I thought that it was portable, I had expectd differently
  • I do not recommend it for the bedroom and night use
  • My final conclusion is that this is probably not one to consider

    • by MisterTickle


      This air conditioner is actually very misleading. When I thought that it was portable, I had expectd differently. This air conditioner is quite simple. It is for in the home use and requires a window. This isn’t one of those whole house air conditioners. It does not sit outside and cool down the whole house. Instead, it just cools down the room that it is located in. Seems pretty simple enough, but there is a slight trick.

      Before I get there, I would start with the set up and installation process. This process is actually pretty simple. The box is actually labelled with how it should be opened. The box should be cut open from the bottom. Then, all I have to do is just lift the box up and then slide the air conditioner out. It is easier to take out in this case, but there is something to be careful of. I did not follow the instructions. Instead, I opened the lid

      and then turned the box on its side to get the air conditioner out. I did it this way because the way the instructions says to do it makes returning the product impossible. This is hard to explain, but once you get it you will understand. The box is clearly labelled with a line that says to cut it accordingly. If you do that, you have no way of returning the air conditioner if you do not like it for whatever reason. This is the first thing to be aware of.

      Inside, I found several parts. This takes a bit of assembly to put everything together. This part is simple. It basically involves hooking up the tubes for air flow towards and away from the actual air conditioner. One thing to note is that the end of the hose supposed to be attached to the window only works with up and down sliding windows. some of my windows are side to side so there will be a problem attaching it in place. Also, the frame is a certain width and cannot be adjusted so it is very important to make sure that this frame fits your window exactly. If it does not, then you will have an un-meshed window, which is capable of letting bugs and other pests fly in. I find that it is possible to mesh any space, but it is just inconvenient.

      So far, I would say that this air conditioner is not very user friendly. You have to take a lot into consideration when actually considering this air conditioner. The usage isn’t that bad. I would say that the most frustrating and irritating thing about this product is probably just the set up. After I suffered through the set up process, the rest was easy peasy.

      The actual usage is pretty good. I find that it is pretty effective for small to medium sized rooms. It doesn’t work very well ...

      • Haier CPN12XH9 Portable Air Conditioner
      for large rooms as I find that the cool air flow isn’t enough to lower the temperature. As for my smaller room, it is quite effective. I actually was able to notice a difference in temperature in fifteen minutes. To me, this would be considered quite fast so I am pleased about this bit. I do not recommend it for the bedroom and night use. I had to learn this the hard way actually. I turned the air conditioner on before I was about to go to sleep as it can get quite hot at night and I don’t want to turn on the air conditioner for the whole house. This was a big mistake because the air conditioner is loud. It isn’t extremely loud like the ones that are positioned outside. This is loud enough for me not to get any sleep. Even the lowest setting makes a small noise while it is on. To me, I like to sleep in quiet. If you
      can stand the noise, then you don’t have to worry.

      Also, this air conditioner is limiting. I have to position it near a window and a wall socket. I can’t exactly position it any where I want. To me, I would say that the “portability” is misleading. When they mean portable, they simply mean that the air conditioner is not fixed in one location and can be moved from location to location. What I thought was that I can place this air conditioner anywhere I want. If I want to place it in the center of the room or in a corner, I cannot unless there is a window and a wall socket nearby. This is pretty limiting of course, but nothing I can do about this. I would say that you can’t expect this air conditioner to be completely portable. This air conditioner is decent. I wouldn’t say it is the greatest. My final conclusion is that this is probably not one to consider.

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