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  • It did make for an interesting visual though, I'll give it that
  • The point is that this episode gripped me from the beginning and I enjoyed the entire ride

    • by David Finniss


      This episode presents a dilemma that even the Doctor admits is going to be tricky. It seems the TARDIS crew is bouncing back and forth between two realities, one in which they are all on the TARDIS and another where five years have past and Amy is pregnant. The thing of it is, both feel very real. This is made clear by the fact that, no matter what reality they’re in, Amy insists that this is the real one. Even when she acknowledges that she’s doing it, she still does it, which is rather peculiar.

      As it turns out, this is part of a challenge by a being who calls himself the “Dream Lord”, a self admitted play on the fact that the Doctor refers to himself as a Time Lord. They are to choose a reality by sacrificing themselves. If they die in the dream, they wake up, if they die elsewhere; then they die. Things get more complicated when the Dream Lord explains that they will face a crisis in both worlds that puts their lives in peril.

      I’m not sure about the idea of a “cold” sun. Even Amy points out that that doesn’t make any sense, but I suppose that’s the point. More than that, it seems superfluous as the group would’ve eventually froze to death (or at least died in some other fashion) from the vacuum of space alone. It did make for an interesting visual though, I’ll give it that. Considering we’ve seen a living sun before, maybe it isn’t that far-fetched, who knows?

      The Dream Lord made a fantastic villain. He really played on the group’s mindsets and found unique ways of using that against them. He called out their flaws, such as Rory’s insecurity or Amy’s devotion to two men and brought them to light. It was fun watching him toy with the group and it came off as extraordinarily creepy; which, I imagine was the desired result. I’m not sure how you could have him come back without it feeling like a rehash, much like the “Midnight” entity, I have a feeling that this is one villain that works best once.

      • Still, I’m not totally averse to him making a return appearance at some point in the future. The guy just has a gravitas that makes him eerie to watch, fun to watch no doubt, but he will send chills up your spine.

        Once again, we have an episode that really shows us how much Amy and Rory care for each other. Amy may be wary of getting married and having kids, but she knows how she feels about him and it becomes all the more apparent by episode’s end. It was something of a bittersweet moment as Amy noted how she didn’t want to live in a world without Rory. She may not show it all the time, but she loves him just as much as he loves her. It really is quite tender and adorable.

        Gillan also pulled off Amy’s quiet anger at the Doctor quite well. Said scene was already poignant enough, but she managed to take it to a whole new level. Her words about how he’s useless if he can’t save Rory may seem harsh, but you

        know where she’s coming from and sympathize with her in her time of grief.

        The first half of this episode was rather spectacular, but the second half couldn’t contain that momentum. It was quite enjoyable and there was a lot to like, but the first half hour is pulled off so perfectly that it just couldn’t keep that bar at the same level. Still, this episode is rather fantastic. You have a unique dilemma, a boat load of character development, and an extremely creepy antagonist who plays with the cast like a cat does with a mouse.

        As much as I’d love to comment more, I feel like the more I talk about it, the more I’d spoil it. Actually, I may’ve spoiled too much as it is. The point is that this episode gripped me from the beginning and I enjoyed the entire ride. It’s definitely worth a watch. It’s creepy, it’s funny, and the characters all get a chance to shine. It delivers everything you could ask for in a Doctor Who episode. It’s definitely worth a watch.

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