Infinity Blade for iOS game
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  • It is possibly one of the best games on the App store and it just proves in its glorious gameplay, that the console game experience can be reached on an iOS device

    • by Kai Manners

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      Infinity Blade was the first game to utilize the Unreal engine on an iOS device. It is a gorgeous game. But is it any good and is it worth any of the money? In a quick answer, it’s a resounding yes. It is possibly one of the best games on the App store and it just proves in its glorious gameplay, that the “console game experience” can be reached on an iOS device.

      Graphics: As I said before, the game itself is gorgeous. It looks very nice, considering you’re not even on a console or PC. You forgot you’re even on an iPad or whatever you’re using. The Unreal engine really makes the gameplay look smooth and refined. It’s honestly perfect. The character models look great, the environments look great. Perfect.

      The textures are perfect and your character him/herself moves fluidly and there are no framerate issues most of the time. SOmetimes it freezes a bit when trying to fast forward through the game. Overall, probably the best looking iOS game other than its predecessor. It looks VERY good, especially if you have a retina display.

      Gameplay: Now here’s the important part. Luckily, the game is so incredibly fun. It is amazing. If it were invented by wizards, I wouldn’t be surprised. The thing with many games on the iOS is that they try to be like console games. Epic Games took a different approach and decided to take advantage of the touch screen to make gameplay unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It is incredibly good. It is very heartwarming to continually stab ...

      • a monster 8 times to win. Sadly, I personally wished it had a bit more depth other than the attack, block, and dodge concept. I wish you had dual blade option or more variety of fighting other than just blocking and dodging. Some more quick time events would have been greatly appreciated. Also, they seemed to repeat boss structure a bit too much that it became obvious. Also, fighting more than 1 enemy would have been sweet, but these are just minor complaints.

        Audio: If you have played Demon’s Souls, then you could get a sense of the soundtrack. While I was playing the game, I actually didn’t realize any music. Most of it is ambient noise. Maybe something played, you won’t realize it. The sword sounds are very satisfying and when

        you hear yourself dodge a swing, it feels incredibly good.

        Lasting Appeal: The actual game is very very short. But the point of the game is to play it over and over again, technically giving it an infinite amount of replay value. There is also arenas that can add replay value as well. Also, there is so much to upgrade and so much to customize. This game just constantly satisfies you and keeps a very good feeling of progression which makes you come back for me. That’s its main appeal. Its progression.

        Final Comments: Probably one of the best games on the iOS. It’s beautiful, innovative, and incredibly fun to play. Even gamers will love it. The only flaw is its length. I felt it was too short. Everything else is perfect.

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