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  • He had creepy, understated moments, but also lapsed into large ham territory, effectively giving us the best of both worlds
  • I know, as far as the Doctor knows she is, but it still stood out
  • It's definitely worth a watch, though again, you need to see all that came before it for the episode to have a full effect

    • by David Finniss


      The two part finale wraps up as the team tries to stop the Daleks’ nefarious plan. Where the last episode had a lot of epic goings on with little room for character moments, this one is oddly quieter. It’s still heavy, but not in the same sense as the first part. There’s a lot going on here though, as evidenced by the fact that the episode actually runs about 15 minutes longer than a regular episode. Of course, with all of the various subplots, you hardly notice and the time flies by like that.

      As was the case with part 1, this episode thrives on call backs. Not only do all of the characters who appeared in part 1 show up, but we also have Rose’s mother, Mickey, not to mention a surprise appearance by K-9 (who proves once again that he is a good dog). As was the case with the previous episode, it really expands the scope of this episode as seemingly everyone is working to fight off this particular threat. While the Daleks have been dealt with before, they seem to be a much more formidable adversary, something even the Doctor points out as they now have a full empire at their disposal. Granted, they had a pretty sizable army before, but the point still stands that the universe could very well be screwed.

      Davros, a character from the classic series who makes a return appearance here,

      proves himself to be a formidable villain. He’s crafty, malicious, and he delivers one heck of a speech that seems to leave the Doctor speechless. From what I’ve read, he has a habit of resurrecting, but so far he has not made a return appearance. I hope he does as he was fun to watch. He had creepy, understated moments, but also lapsed into large ham territory, effectively giving us the best of both worlds.

      While it was nice to see Jenny get a flashback sequence, my brain couldn’t help but point out that she isn’t dead. I know, as far as the Doctor knows she is, but it still stood out. That’s another character I wouldn’t mind seeing come back, but I digress. Actually, no, she should’ve come back to help. That would’ve made the episode even more awesome. Considering how many characters make a return appearance, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Also, considering that the whole universe is in danger, it’s not that farfetched to think that she’d come running to help out her dad in a time of crisis.

      One of the highlights of the episode was seeing Donna take on traits of the Doctor, becoming the “Doctor Donna”, of course, this is coupled with a Doctor doppelganger who has some traits of Donna herself (long story, but it makes sense in context). The initial reveal was quite funny. It stood ...

      • out in stark contrast to the dark and dramatic material that the rest of the story had. As it is, we almost get three Doctors as there are two Tens and Donna’s new status makes her an honorary one as well.

        It’s too bad we couldn’t see more of “Doctor Donna”, Tate was clearly having a blast with the role and it was nice to see her being a bit more proactive, even moreso than her usual self. Sadly, the reset button is hit hard as Donna’s brain can’t handle the pressure, forcing the Doctor to perform a mind wipe. You can tell that the Doctor hates to do it as he has grown attached to Donna over the course of the season. Considering how his record with his last two companions went, it’s not surprising to see him this torn up about it.

        The episode runs the emotional gamut. There are dark moments, there are funny moments, there are triumphant moments, and there’s one heck of a downer ending. Looking back, this season went awfully quick. I almost get the feeling like we didn’t get to connect with Donna as much as we would’ve liked, but her end is still rather heartbreaking and it clearly takes a toll on the Doctor. You’d think that this would lead to a bit of mood whiplash, but oddly enough, that isn’t really the case.

        For some reason both characters seem to

        have suddenly become plagued with self doubt. The Doctor’s confidence goes out the window rather quickly and Donna seems to still harbor the belief that she isn’t important even though “Turn Left” proved that this was not the case. It really comes out of nowhere, especially considering these two characters were generally cheerful and confident. It worked well enough, I guess, but having some better build up might’ve helped.

        Normally, multi-doctor stories involve different incarnations meeting up. Here, we get something different. It works and it’s fun to watch, but I’d still like to see a multi-doctor story where Nine, Ten, and Eleven meet up and have some sort of grand adventure. It would be cool.

        The episode was a nice sendoff for Davies, as he makes his departure as head writer. He got to basically give all of the characters who have shown up a chance to shine. You can tell that he wanted to go all out with this and that shows in spades. This 2 parter had more scope than most episodes of Doctor Who and that’s really saying something considering the scale of threats that the Time Lord faces on a regular basis. All in all, it was an enjoyable ride and it had me gripped for its entire runtime. It’s definitely worth a watch, though again, you need to see all that came before it for the episode to have a full effect.

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