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  • It's too bad we don't see her again as she was an interesting character and made a good foil for the Doctor
  • Maybe a little, I thought it worked though
  • I enjoyed the heck out of it and highly recommend watching it

    • by David Finniss


      Wow, just wow. That’s all that can be said after watching this episode. Doctor Who finales tend to be larger in scale, but this completely blew everything else out of the water by a long shot, a looong shot. Just when you think that the show could not get any more epic, they manage to raise the bar yet again.

      The epic feel of this episode is helped by the fact that it incorporates so much of what came before. All three companions make a return appearance and the show’s two spin-offs get incorporated as well, making this very much like a comic book crisis crossover event. Even though I have never watched the two spinoffs, the fact that they showed up here helped make it utterly spectacular. Considering how big a role Torchwood played in the second season, I always wondered why they never seemed to do anything here, but they jump into the fray and it makes the threat feel that much bigger.

      Even Harriet Jones makes a return appearance. It had been awhile, but it was good to see her again and she gets a much more positive portrayal compared to her last appearance. It makes her end all the more poignant. It’s too bad we don’t see her again as she was an interesting character and made a good foil for the Doctor.

      Not surprisingly, the Daleks

      take center stage as villains. If there was any doubt as to how frightening these guys are, it gets shown here as a simple transmission of one of them shouting “Exterminate!” is enough to send several characters into a blue screen of death. They really do come off as legitimately menacing, even when spouting rather silly lines like “Daleks do not accept apologies”. There should be no doubt that the Daleks have earned their spot as the Doctor’s biggest baddie, but on the off chance there was still some doubt, this episode blows it out of the water as you see what they’re capable of doing.

      The only thing that threw me was how all these Daleks got created in the first place. Last we saw, they were down to only a handful. That does get explained eventually, but it was a bit off putting at first. Dalek Caan makes a return appearance to help the viewer segue into this new status quo, though he is much different from when we last saw him. While you could argue that Daleks are already insane, Caan takes it to a whole new level here and it’s really quite unnerving.

      The continuity nods here are mind boggling. Even seemingly throwaway lines get a mention and things that were often referred to but never seen, such as the Shadow Proclamation and the Medusa Cascade finally get showcased. You really ...

      • get the feeling that Davies wanted to bring everything to a head with this explosive climax, and man, it worked wonders. You could go on for an entire article talking about all the callbacks and continuity nods that occur in this episode. It really is mind boggling.

        If I do have a complaint, it’s that the episode may be too big. There’s a ton of glorious spectacle, no doubt, but that doesn’t give the characters much breathing room. More than that, with such a wide cast, you don’t get to spend a lot of time with them. It’s pulled off about as well as one could hope, but it is still a factor. Heck, the Doctor spends a good chunk of the episode sitting on the sidelines while everyone else deals with the aftermath of the Daleks’ actions. He takes a larger role in the latter half, but you almost never see him for the first half hour, it’s rather jarring. Of course, with so much going on, you almost forget that he’s around in the first place, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

        The only real quiet moment we get is near the end when the Doctor and Rose are finally reunited. Granted, it gets morbidly interrupted, but it was still rather heartwarming for them to finally come face to face. Rose’s theme cues up and we see the two run

        towards each other; it was nice. Was it over the top? Maybe a little, I thought it worked though.

        After two downer episodes, this one changes tone and tries to be as epic as possible. It worked in spades. It was so big that even the “to be continued” tag was played differently and, unlike other two parters, we got no preview of what’s to come. It’s not surprising, but the deviation from standard procedure does make you feel like the stakes are even higher than normal. I’m going to watch part 2 anyway, so it doesn’t matter, but it is a pretty good indicator that this is more than just a standard “Doctor Who” episode.

        I enjoyed the heck out of it and highly recommend watching it. Of course, this is one instance where that recommendation comes with a disclaimer saying that you really need to watch the whole series in order for this to work. The action and whatnot will still grip you, but you will have no idea (NO idea) of who these people are, what’s going on, or what they’re talking about. Watching it on its own will introduce you to them, sure, but you would be so lost that it probably wouldn’t matter. As someone who started from the beginning (of the relaunch anyway) I loved every second of this and can’t wait for part 2.

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