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  • However, they seem to forget if you don't keep the training up

    • by ndiroff10

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      In January of 2008, my family went to Niagara Falls for my brother’s hockey tournament. During one of his games, my mom got a phone call. I wasn’t listening; I was watching the game. The next day, we went home. My brother went home with his friends so we arrived home first. As soon as we came home, I went straight to my room. I was so happy to finally be home. My mom came in shortly after saying “Go say hi to Nana.” My nana lives with us but I figured she was asleep when we got home. I walked into her room and around the corner of her bed walked a little puppy. He was a beagle.

      His name was Chester. Today, he is almost 5. Chester is a beagle and is certainly

      unique! Beagles are fun loving for sure. When he was a puppy, we didn’t know if we could keep him because he was so wild. He is less wild today, enough for us to handle, but he’s still active. The lady we bought him from strongly dis-advised us from getting him, because of his nature. Beagles need a lot of space. We have an invisible fence but we’ve only had it for about a year. Before we had this fence, we could tell he was unhappy. If you have a small yard or there is no way you can get any kind of fence you probably should not get a beagle. They will try to get out as much as possible. Keep your doors shut because they will run away. My beagle always stays in the neighborhood but this characteristic may be different for different beagles. If you are not home a lot don’t get a beagle. They need a lot of attention and need to be walked at least once a day, even if you have a yard.

      Beagles get attached to their masters. Although they love almost everyone, they will always love someone the most. Chester loves my mom. She’s the one who takes him for walks everyday and she always plays with him. As long as you are good to them, they will be good for you. They are excellent family dogs. They are okay around other dogs. Depending on the other dog, of course. Most of the time they are nice and they just want to meet the other dog, but sometimes something must tell them that the other dog ...

      • Beagles
      is incapable of being their friend.

      They are great guard dogs. They know a bad person when they see one. They also know emergencies. One night, a brother of mine fell asleep and forget to take his potato skins out of the oven. Chester came right in and woke up my mom. There could have been a fire but it was because of Chester that we didn’t have a fire. Unless we have brought a person into the house, he treats everyone like they are going to hurt us. He is smart, and realizes as soon as they are welcomed into our house, they’re okay.

      They are relatively easy to train. However, they seem to forget if you don’t keep the training up. For example, Chester knew “drop it,” but he

      stayed with my brother in Grand Rapids for a few weeks. They did not tell him to “drop it,” and when he came home he did not know what to do when we told him to do so. It took him just a little while to be house broken and he only goes outside now. He knows the tricks sit, sit up, play dead, shake, roll over, dance(twirl), and high-5. It was easy to teach him, just make sure you give them a treat because that’s what will make them learn.

      To re-cap, beagles are excellent dogs. They are adorable and for families. Getting a beagle isn’t a good idea if you have a small yard, unable to get a fence, or are never home. They are hunters but they don’t know much unless you teach them to hunt.

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Azriel says :

A friend of mine has adopted a beagle and stayed with her for years, and she has to fly him back to Indonesia when she has to go there too. Beagles are short but heavy They are lovely and is sweet to their master.
Maria Basto says :

I could not agree more My sister had one and he was very cute, lovely to everyone and also very smart. But her beagle really needed to take long walks and work out.. Otherwise there were unpleasant surprises at home because and he could bite pretty much everything, some furnitures gained a new look .-)
Amber says :

We had a beagle for years she was a smart dog and great with kids, Are kids were all over her, But when she got lose and her nose got going she was gone so we had to watch her all the time. But I think beagles are great dogs to have and own, And great family dogs.
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