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  • Shepard never gives up, ever, and will always find a way to push through a problem

    • by Christina Barnes

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      There’s no way around it: Mass Effect 3 is a very good game. The final act in an Epic Space Opera trilogy that started in 2007, this game aims to wrap up a story that’s been told in large part by everyone who plays it due to each player creating their own character to see through the story. It does this, and many other things, quite well. Combat is now smoother than ever, with characters actually having motion instead of just hobbling around like creaky machinery, and the ability to customize weapon loadouts is something that’s not seen in many shooters. Let’s face it: anyone who knows the series will undoubtedly say that Mass Effect is an RPG, and it is. It’s just more of a shooter than anything else. A good one, but still a shooter.

      In terms of story, it’s obvious the moment that you start the game: This is where it ends. Reapers, sentient machines

      hellbent on destroying Earth, have arrived from outside the Rim of the known Galaxy and are attacking Earth, burning it to the ground. As Commander Shepard, one of the only people to know the Reapers were coming, you are tasked with gathering an army of fleets and taking the fight to the Reapers. It’s an impossible task, and for the first few hours, all you see is death and destruction. Worlds falling under the Reaper onslaught, families torn apart, and just utter devastation. It’s only around the halfway point that things slowly start to look a little more hopeful: you’ve brought together a race or two to stand with you, you have assets ready to march when you give the order, and it looks like your important people may just survive after all.

      But that’s where the trouble starts. It’s also around the halfway point that choices start to stop actually making a difference. Oh, you can still ...

      • decide what your Commander will say, and how he or she will react to the situations he or she encounters, but none of it really matters. Romances kindled in the previous games with people who have fought alongside your Commander may no longer matter, as they are either lost to the tides of war or are written out of the series in a way that goes against everything that made them the characters people grew to love. Even Commander Shepard, who is mostly the Player Character, starts to go against his or her own fundamental choices. Shepard never gives up, ever, and will always find a way to push through a problem. By the time the ending arrives, this is gone. The Commander just accepts whatever he or she is given, without even questioning this, even if it goes against everything that made up his or her character before. There is no way around this, no hidden
        ending or extra scene to rectify Shepard’s bizarre change of character, and it is not the epic ending to a trilogy we were promised. If anything, it’s a flop that was rushed out the gate when it really needed another year or two in the development bin.

        In closing, in terms of gameplay, Mass Effect 3 plays like a dream. It’s a good game, with a gripping story and characters we have grown to love. But none of this matters given that the last fifteen minutes of gameplay undo everything we as players have ever done, no matter the path we took or what choices we had our Shepard’s make. Bioware, the company who designed the series, promised that the choices we made in previous games, would affect the outcome of this one. This is a blatant lie, no matter which way you slice it. I, personally, would not purchase this game had I known it would end like it did.

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