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  • I know, it's by design, seeing as the stream would disintegrate them if it made impact, but they were way off the mark

    • by David Finniss


      The Ghostbusters are hired on as consultants for a horror movie. It seems like a simple gig, but things get bad fast. Considering how many stories there are of haunted sets and “cursed” shoots, you might think that this is where the plot is going. As it turns out, the director sought out a bona fide haunted house, for authenticity.

      I was kind of surprised at how quickly the Ghostbusters seemed to wrap things up. Despite the number of ghosts present, they manage to trap a majority of them in little time. In fact, if it weren’t for the producer luring some away, the episode could’ve wrapped up before the halfway mark.

      Yes, the producer decides to recruit the ghosts for his own films. After all, there’s no need to hire actors or special effects people if you have real ghosts. As if that didn’t

      save him enough money, the ghosts are willing to work for free. Really, it’s a money driven movie producer’s dream.

      While the producer is portrayed as greedy and callous, the other movie crew seemed generally amicable. The director isn’t as control oriented as one might expect and the actor, while dim, was also friendly. Heck, they even come to make a rescue attempt when they figure out what the producer is trying to do. It fails, but points for trying.

      The only thing that the ghosts ask for in return is the chance to catch the Ghostbusters and put an end to them once and for all. A trap is laid at the studio and the four find themselves in mortal peril.

      I couldn’t help but wonder why the Ghostbusters didn’t free themselves from the net. They still had their packs on, all it would’ve taken was a quick blast above them to break the rope and set them free. Sure, the fall would’ve hurt, but we’ve seen them shake stuff like that off before. Again though, that would wrap up the plot before the end of the episode.

      With the final showdown taking place at a movie studio, you’d think that this episode would be ripe with movie references, but sadly, it isn’t. Sure, they go through sets, but there aren’t any direct references or spoofs like you would hope. All we get is a ship, a city landscape, and the set on a Western flick. Upping the parody levels might’ve helped add some flavor. I did like Peter going out of his way to stomp on buildings, saying that he always wanted to do that. I’m pretty sure everyone has at some point.

      There was one line that made a direct reference to a film.

      • The Real Ghostbusters: Season 1, Episode 46: Lights, Camera, Haunting!
      One of the ghosts says that she can see the tag line for their upcoming “picture” as “you’ll believe a Ghostbuster can fry”. I got a kick out of that, especially because it’s a reference to Superman and I am a fan of the character and the movie itself.

      I did like the idea that the Ghostbusters were now on the receiving end of proton fire, but the ghosts had terrible aim. I know, it’s by design, seeing as the stream would disintegrate them if it made impact, but they were way off the mark. I suppose the ghosts were toying with them, but it still seems odd. Moreso, I didn’t know that the streams eventually descended. The ghosts would be aiming straight ahead, yet the ground behind them would explode. I guess the beam hit something else, but that isn’t what it looked like.


      ending was a bit deus ex machina for my liking. Yeah, they needed a way out, but it still felt out of left field. I’m not sure I buy the idea that an actor’s ghost would manifest in the persona of a character he played. The ghosts may be benevolent sure, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to being “heroes” as Ray put it.

      I was surprised that Ray was so naive about trusting the villainous ghosts in the first place. Even the other members of the team chide him for having his whole plan be based around the idea that “they promised”. Villains always renege, why does nobody get this?

      There was a lot of potential with this episode and, while it’s enjoyable, it doesn’t hit the high that I feel like it could’ve. The premise was solid and there were some good gags, but it could’ve done more.

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