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  • That alone makes the episode a win and, to wit, it was amazing to boot
  • Really, I think the only thing missing was the whole to look upon it will drive you mad factor, but that's understandable
  • It's still pretty kid friendly, I'm not seeing the problem here
  • It's just magnificent, definitely check it out

    • by David Finniss


      The Ghostbusters battle Cthulu, really do I need to say anymore? That alone makes the episode a win and, to wit, it was amazing to boot. Seriously, there is nothing to complain about. There was humor, the Lovecraft mythos gets a nice little love letter, and the Ghostbusters take on one of the biggest threats conceivable. Heck, even Slimer is completely absent. What more could you ask for?

      While I’m not overly familiar with the mythos, I caught several references to the literature itself. Not only does the team rely on it to gain information, but they got the chant right and even threw in a reference to Arkham. Ok, I now think “Batman” when I hear that name, but Lovecraft is where it came from.

      Really, I think the only thing missing was the whole “to look upon it will drive you mad” factor, but that’s understandable. Cthulu was still uber-powerful as it was and found the team more or less unable to do anything to stop it.

      This episode makes a direct reference to Gozer, which was a nice touch. While the Sumerian deity will be brought up again later (to accomplish the same feat of making the current villain look even worse) I actually buy it here. I mean, if anything is going to outrank Gozer on the enemy’s scale, it’s Cthulu. It also just shows you how outclassed the team is in this particular fight.

      I loved every second of this episode. It was creepy, it was large in scale,

      • and it featured a face off between two iconic characters, or one iconic character and one iconic team. While the team has battled foes immune to their proton streams, seeing those things heal the way they did was still unnerving. On the other end, seeing the Acolytes more or less explode on impact was awesome and rather surprising.

        I’m sure that parents back then probably cited this episode as a prime example of how the show was “too dark”, but really, it’s not that bad. There’s no overt violence to be seen here. Even the cult itself just chants. Ok, they summon up monsters, but its not like they were performing sacrilegious rituals and performing sacrifices. It’s still pretty kid friendly, I’m not seeing the

        problem here.

        If there are things to complain about, umm, the “unmasking” was a bit too “Scooby-Doo” for my liking, but I guess it’s forgivable. Also, I have no idea why they spelled Cthulu’s name wrong. I’ve seen it as both “Cthulu” and “Cthluhu” but, for some reason, they threw an A in there. Considering the Old One is public domain, there’s no legal reason to do it. I don’t know, it was weird.

        This episode is fantastic, absolutely fantastic. It more than makes up for the lackluster episode that came before it. It was just what I needed to wash that bad taste out of my mouth. This is another episode that ranks as one of my all time favorites. It’s just magnificent, definitely check it out.

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