Lhasa Apso dogs
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  • Later i found out that they are the most courageous dogs among short breeds
  • Though honestly i have not noticed anything extraordinary myself yet
  • One interesting thing I have noticed two or three times is that my Lhasa Apsos seem to like music

    • by sunoy14

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      Hello everybody. I own two Lhasa Apso dogs. They were brought home as puppies by my father from his friend’s house and were named Coco and Momo. Now they are almot two year olds. Lhasa Apsos are known to have originated from Tibet. They were royal pets and were kept by royal families of Tibet.

      They were also kept in Buddhist monasteries. Later on they spread across the world as royal gifts given to the the foreign ministers and ambassadors who visited Tibet. Lhasa Apso dogs are very tiny as puppies. They look really cute and adorable. But even though they were tiny, my Lhasa Apso could jump down from a

      two feet high furniture.

      First puppy i ever saw performing such a feat. To top it all, she was just one and a half months old and much tinier than other breeds. Later i found out that they are the most courageous dogs among short breeds. It is said that they have the courage equal to a bulldog. Even when full grown they are around 15 cm tall and 30 cm long and have long hairs.

      Ideal for a pet to keep inside the house. One of my Lhasa Apso has white hair and the other one has brownish red color. The white haired has long hairs and the other has not so long hairs. All Lhasa Apsos, male or female

      are supposed to have long hairs. I dont understand why one of my Lhasa Apso ’s hairs are not so long.

      Interestingly its our male dog that does not have long hairs :) They are known for their keen sensing abilities and were used for guarding assistance by sheperds and by monks of Tibetan monasteries. I read somewhere that they have five or seven times sharper sensing abilitiy. Though honestly i have not noticed anything extraordinary myself yet. They are excellent house keepers. They will play around inside the house and sometimes will go outside in the house lawn.

      My Lhasa Apsos went outside our home boundary by themelves only around five or six times in the last two years.

      • Lhasa Apso dogs
      But believe me, we leave our gate open but they never go outside. Lhasa Apsos are known for their jealousy. My female dog gets quite jealous when other pets are paid attention. She starts growling at other dogs and fights.

      This becomes quite troublesome. She also does not seem to like other dogs to stay in the same compound since she keeps barking at other dogs all the time even after one or two years. Our male Lhasa Apso is very playful and funny. Both of them are very energetic. My Lhasa Apso could sit and stand very naturally without anybody teaching her.

      I assumed that all Lhasa Apsos could do that naturally since they

      have shorter legs but later found out that the male could not do it. They are known to be intelligent dogs though. One interesting thing I have noticed two or three times is that my Lhasa Apsos seem to like music. They came near me while i was playing guitar, sat down quitely for sometime and then fell asleep. I found this funny.

      I never saw this behaviour in other dogs. They will cuddle in your bed if allowed and they look very adorable. Perfect for those who want a small pet that is very adorable and will stay inside the house and play around within home boundaries.

      Thank you reading

Azriel says :

Oh my pug was like that too, she would jump into my bed and cuddle and stay there for as long as I too was in bed. Maybe all toy dogs have that in common and Lhasa was no exception. Your puppy is really very beautiful as with the hair or coating I am not the kind that has a lot of time to dress the dog’s hair which takes a lot of time.

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