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  • Smoking cigarette is definitely something that will complete my day
  • I tried using an electronic cigarette which I bought from Vape at P2250 a set
  • I think it was some sort of irritation from the e-cigar

    • by boinky

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      Smoking cigarette is definitely something that will complete my day. I have been smoking since I was in highschool, and now that I have reached the age of 26, I’m starting to think of some alternatives to lessen up, or better yet, quit smoking.

      I tried using an electronic cigarette which I bought from Vape at P2250 a set. This set contains an e-cigarette(which you can optimize or upgrade later on if you like), a USB charger, and a flavored vapor drop (I chose bubble gum). They also gave me a free plastic tip for the e-cigarette. They said I can use it if someone else, a friend for example, wants to try the product. What I actually didn’t

      like with the product when I bought it is that it comes without a case. They just wrapped it all in a plastic bag. They said this product really comes without a case. What makes it different from real cigarettes is that it contains no tar. What these two have in common are smoke and nicotine content. The nicotine which comes with the flavored drop is available in 0mg, 6mg, 9mg, and 11mg. I chose 11mg because the salesman said that it has the same strength with the brand I am smoking. When I got home, I was so excited to try it.Firstly, I put 3 drops on its atomizer. I simply pressed the button at the ...

      • middle of the e-cigarette as I puff. Just like ordinary cigarette, I felt a slight sensation on my throat. Then I released the smoke and it was really fun to see that it’s really working. It’s as if I am smoking a real cigarette. The flavor is also a big plus for me. That day, I never smoked real cigarettes anymore. I only focused with my newly bought alternative. And I felt that I am really going to get over with the smoking habit eventually with this great idea. The next day when I woke up, my throat was hurting badly. I think it was some sort of irritation from the e-cigar. And when I puff the E-cigarette
        again, it was really causing pain. I can’t help but cough everytime I release the smoke. I tried to reduce the 11mg to 6mg hoping it will get get better. But it didn’t. The same thing happened with my husband when he tried using it. I guess, people reacts to it differently because my brother-in-law also owns one but he never had this uneasiness before. Up to now he is still using it everyday. And mine is right there, stuck in the drawer.

        Of course I am a bit upset, knowing I spent P2250 for it yet it didn’t work for me. I am still planning to use it again sometime. Maybe I’ll get use to it after some time.

    Aphrodite says :

    I think the reason your throat was sore is not due to the electronic cigarette, it’s a high concentration of PG in your flavored nicotine liquid. PG is short for propylene glycol which is used as a dilutant for the nicotine. PG is sometimes irritating to the throat in people who are sensitive to it. You may just need to balance the ratio with a little more VG (vegetable glycerine). What this means is buy your nicotine liquid in higher concentrations of VG to keep from irritating your throat. I have the same problem, I order my liquids in 20PG/80VG and it works great for me.
    Terri Burger says :

    I changed to cig20 in 2016. I use the liquid refills with flavor. I looked for an alternative to smoking Newport. They got so expensive. I finally thought “got to stop paying so much $ “Besides,I could use this money and buy a new outfit every 2 weeks I went to the smoke shop and asked for a vape.Because I never smoke in public, (not even vape) I took it home with me. I looked at the atomizer and it was so nice looking. Mine has what they call a crystal mouthpiece, so feminine. Now my clothes don’t smell bad any more my hair either.I was pleased with that fact alone makes me feel great. Now I can’t stand the way cigarettes smoke smells. I will not be mean to people that still smoke cigarettes,I used to smoke them.But those of us who vape can tell them of a better way to do it.
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