Mass Effect 3 DEMO - Multiplayer (Xbox360)
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  • The other 4 options are unlocked with class experience cards that are in reinforcement packs
  • However, I don't think reinforcement packs are available in the Demo
  • I think it will attract more players with the multiplayer added to it, and I look forward to it when it comes out in early March 2012

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      The Mass Effect 3 demo is probably the most exciting demo this month, coming out on Valentine’s Day, Bioware fans obviously not having anything to do on that day. But even if you do, grab your Valentine, bunker down, and prepare for some awesome first ever Mass Effect Multiplayer!

      Mass Effect 3 Demo is for PC, PS3, and Xbox360. Developed by Bioware, who also gave us Mass Effect 1 and 2, along with Dragon Age among a few other titles. Mass Effect has never had a multiplayer or a co-op. So it’s nice to be able to jump into a party and start gaming it together on Mass Effect. The demo so far seems easy to understand. You make a character, which is exactly how the other Mass Effects start. Pick from Adept, Soldier, Engineer, Sentinel, Infiltrator, and Vanguard. Within each of those are four characters that you must unlock, two of which are always a human and female human. Along with that, Adept has Asari and Drell; Soldier has Krogan and Turian; Engineer has Quarian and Salarian; Sentinel has Turian and Krogan; Infiltrator has Salarian and Quarian; and Vanguard has Drell and Asari. You need to unlock most of the others, so you can only be a Human Male for the most of it. Unlocking it involved earning credits and buying either the Recruit Pack (5000 Credits)

      or the Veteran Pack (20 000 Credits). The Recruit Pack comes with basic weapons and upgrades, 5 random items or characters. The Veteran Pack comes with more advanced weapons and upgrades. It also comes with 5 random items or characters, however it will come with one uncommon thing.

      Just like in the other Mass Effects, your character can have powers. I’m a Soldier, and the powers I have are Adrenaline Rush, which makes my reflexes faster and adds extra damage. Concussive Shot that flattens the enemy at any range. Frag Grenade that allows you to throw grenades. Alliance Training which adds more damage to everything. And finally, fitness, that increases health and shields. There are different ranks within the power system; Rank 1 requires one point to purchase; Rank 2 needs two; Rank 3 needs three; Rank 4 you can chose between one of two options, both requiring 4 points; Rank 5 can pick one of two options, both requiring 5 points; and Rank 6 the same thing but with 6 points. On the bottom of the screen when you pick the thing you want to level up, it shows your current progress and when highlighting what you want, adds a green bar to show you what you will have once you purchase that Rank. When you’re looking at the screen of all the different powers and the /> upper body of your character, it has in the corner the name of your character, the class it is, the amount of health you have, and the amount of shields that you have.

      They layout for the weapons is different than it is in the first Mass Effect one, so if you’re like me, you should probably ask someone who understands it to explain it to you. I’m a Soldier, so I’ll give you the layout of mine. I have a Sniper and an Assault Rifle on the top. There’s a number in the corner to tell you how many different types you have of that gun. I have 2 Sniper Rifles and 1 Assault Rifle. When you click it, it allows you to switch between the different weapons you have and to modify it. Different mods you will acquire from the Recruit/Veteran Packs will add extra damage, stability, or other perks to make your weapon stronger and better. On the side when going over to the weapon, tells you the different stats; weight, capacity, fire rate, damage, and accuracy. Below that is the different mods that you have on it. Under the top two guns is a red bar telling you how much weight you have altogether. Underneath that are three circles. The first one is Submachine Guns then Shotguns, followed by Heavy Pistols. Note that they ...

      • Mass Effect 3 DEMO - Multiplayer (Xbox360)
      might be different depending on your class. It also has the number on the side to tell you how many different types of that weapon that you have. Since you can only have two weapons, you have to decide what you want to switch it with.

      As a Halo fan, I find the appearance very similar to the customization of the Halo games. It has your name, that you can change, your level and class, what species you are, and then you have the different colours. Primary colours, Highlights, Secondary, Pattern, Pattern colour, and Lights. You have a vast amount of colours to choose from, 48. In the beginning of the demo you only have Primary and Secondary unlocked. The other 4 options are unlocked with class experience cards that are in reinforcement packs. However, I don’t think reinforcement packs are available in the Demo.

      You can have two different types of equipment; bonuses and supplies. In bonuses there are three options; ammo, weapons, and armour. You gain them from the Recruit/Veteran packs. You can only have the bonuses for one mission and must reequip them once the mission is over. Supplies are used with your directional pad. As a soldier, going clockwise I have a Cobra Missile Launcher, Ops Survival Pack, Medi Gel, and Thermal Clip Pack. Once again, you might need someone to explain to you what

      they do exactly, because it’s not explained in the multiplayer portion of the demo. However, Medi Gel heals you, and revives you when you die, so it’s really handy when in tough situations.

      Mission Settings allow you to pick whether or not the lobby is private or public. You can either play on two different maps; Firebase Ghost, a desert-like map; or Firebase White, a more station like map with more of a clean look to it. Or you can pick Unknown Location that grants you an extra 10% experience. It also tells you the enemies that you are fighting, Cerberus, and what type of challenge you are doing, Bronze, Silver, Silver, or Gold.

      For the multiplayer, you can have up to 4 co-op partners, you included. You all battle 10 waves of enemies, some waves having certain objections to complete within a time limit. I would advise having at least 3 players depending on your skill level. It’s easy to level up, and the Multiplayer is fun. I’m really exicted that they have added multiplayer to this game, although it’s a bit cliché, like Firefight from Halo, Zombies from Call of Duty, or Horde from Gears of War, Bioware still makes it fun with their own little twist. I think it will attract more players with the multiplayer added to it, and I look forward to it when it comes out in early March 2012.

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