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  • The artist who came up with the basic design behind the alien is a very talented, if not a little creepy person

    • by sarahdragon26

      I’m not a fan of horror films. I get scared far too easily. So, when I was a child, I liked scary movies even less. Movies likes Jaws, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elms Street were at the top of my list of movies that flipped me out. That was until I saw Alien 1. After that, Alien 1 was right up there in scarier films, but I was surprised me when this film became of my best loved movies as I got older while the 13th and Nightmare still frightened me.

      The lone alien in this film caused me more than my fair share of nightmares over the years as a child. For the longest time, I wouldn’t sleep until my dad would tell me that there was no alien in

      my closet. It seems silly now, but that alien really frightened me as a child. The creature was so out of this world and scary that seeing something like in person would give someone a heart attack and I was always frightened that it was hiding in the darkness somewhere. The artist who came up with the basic design behind the alien is a very talented, if not a little creepy person. To make something like that, takes real imagination and talent.

      As I grew older, I began to love the darkness and the feeling behind Alien. The fact that you didn’t know what was around each corner and who might be waiting for you. I remember I screamed when Dallas, Tom Skerritt’s character turned and there was the alien. And it reached ...

      • out to him. I must have jumped two feet in the air when I saw that. Now, as an adult, it still gives me to cheeps of thinking that it was so completely hidden in the darkness and suddenly, it’s there. Just wow. The feeling that there was something in the darkness waiting for you just added to the feeling of never knowing what’s coming next. I love it.

        Out of everything in Alien, there are two things I will always remember. The first one was the strange, large creature in the spaceship where the crew found the alien eggs. I had always been curious about what the large creature was. It’s obvious that it had died when something had exploded from its chest, the characters even remarked about that, but there

        was no other information or details explained about the ship or the creature. I would have liked to know it. The second thing I will always remember was when I saw the director’s edition of Alien. That Weaver finds Tom Skerritt’s character cocooned in the walls. And he was still alive. That wasn’t in the original. It reminded me of what happened to the people in Aliens (Alien 2). Creepy, but at least it provide an answer to what happened to Dallas. The audience gets to see how the others die, just not him.

        While the movies that came after this one, in the Alien franchise, don’t really compare to this one, they were good in their own respects. There are few movies that have the same presence and power as Alien and few ever will again.

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