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  • The Valkyries themselves weren't all that interesting
  • I like that they tried to incorporate mythological figures into the story as opposed to just having them be ghosts, but a little extra fleshing out would've been nice

    • by David Finniss


      The Ghostbusters are recruited to take care of a swarm of Valkyries that have invaded an opera house. It’s a pretty straight forward plot, but it does make for an enjoyable episode. Having played the recent “Ghostbusters” video game, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was supposed to be the same opera house you encounter there. It would make sense, and while the connection is probably coincidental, I’d like to think that the two are not unrelated in some fashion.

      The humor here worked pretty well. It was more dialogue driven than the zaniness from the previous episode, but it was well written and it accomplished the desired task of making me laugh. Even the old “It’s quiet..too quiet” cliche gets played for laughs when the other two Ghostbusters finish the line at

      the same time.

      The Valkyries themselves weren’t all that interesting. All they did was ride around and shriek. There wasn’t much of a motive there. Ok, they had a motive, just not a particularly interesting one. I like that they tried to incorporate mythological figures into the story as opposed to just having them be ghosts, but a little extra fleshing out would’ve been nice.

      Ray’s line where he replaces “Hell” with “Valhalla” was amusing in its own way, though I was always under the impression that Valhalla was more like Heaven. It was a separate place and had its distinctions to be sure, but in general tone, it seemed more Heaven-like than comparable to Hell. I’m not an expert in Norse mythology, but that’s the vibe I always got.

      I’m also torn on the “Phantom ...

      • of the Opera” running gag. Yeah, it made for some good laughs, and set up a predictable, but amusing brick joke at the end, but I couldn’t help but think that the Phantom of the Opera wasn’t a real ghost, just a disfigured person. The ghost is disfigured, much like the figure in the movie, but it was a spirit here, I guess to make it fit with the joke.

        The characterization of the diva was also a tad peculiar. At first, she seemed rather reasonable and her fawning over Peter made sense as he had just saved her life. Then, to wrap up that sub-plot, she rather coldly tells him off and says that she was only using him. It comes out of nowhere and seemed like they just needed a reason to get

        Peter off the couch. Seeing Peter try to save face was funny though, I will give it that.

        I also think that the show should try to incorporate more classical music into the stories. As those are all public domain, we got to hear actual pieces of music instead of the generic fluff they normally put in. Not only was it refreshing to hear familiar tunes, but it also added to the atmosphere. Seeing the Ghostbusters fight off spirits to “Ride of the Valkyries” was pretty freakin’ cool.

        The episode wasn’t quite as strong as the last two episodes, but it was entertaining and did what it did well. The last two episodes set the bar rather high, but as far as quality goes, there’s little to complain about here. It was 22 minutes well spent.

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