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  • It was an interesting twist and it managed to bring his role to the forefront in a way that other episodes never could

    • by David Finniss


      After a relatively lengthy hiatus of monster of the week episodes, the show returns to its UFO conspiracy arc. This time, the agents find themselves chasing to be the remains of an alien craft that was shot down in Iraq. While the episode lacked the narrative drive of some of the previous episodes, it did manage to bring a lot to the table.

      Jerry Hardin returns and has his biggest role yet. Not only does he feed Mulder information, as he has done previously, but his reliability is called into question as he gives Mulder fake photographs in an attempt to throw the agents off track. It was an interesting twist and it managed to bring his role to the forefront in a way that other episodes never

      could. Even Scully points out that they know nothing of the guy, but Mulder insists that he’s trustworthy. He, of course, proves to be wrong on the matter.

      It does make for some interesting conflict, but I’m a bit confused as to his rationale. He gives Mulder information to uncover this information, and then tries to get in their way when they get close because “some secrets aren’t meant to be uncovered”? He later gives an explanation for why he came to Mulder, though Mulder assumes it’s just another lie, but the contrast is just bizarre. I mean, either you want them to uncover this information or not. You can’t have both.

      The reach of the syndicate gets showcased here as they manage to bug Mulder’s home ...

      • and office, again Scully points out how odd this is considering that they work for the FBI, and even manage to use Mulder’s biggest lead as a red herring to maintain their cover up. It shows how far they’re willing to go and it also shows that Mulder’s drive and passion aren’t always an asset when dealing with matters such as these.

        Not only that, but it seems that there is more at work here than just the American government. If Deep Throat’s backstory is to be believed, than several of the world’s biggest governments are in on it. I don’t know if this concept is ever brought up again, but it does raise the stakes a bit and it adds a bit more believability to the vast, seemingly

        unlimited resources behind this organization.

        While it was nice that Hardin got to finally return, and get a bigger part in the overall story, the real show stealers here are the Lone Gunmen, three conspiracy nuts who will go on to become some of the more popular recurring characters in the series. This is the episode that introduces them and while they only have one scene early in the episode, it remains one of the episode’s highlights.

        As a whole, the episode isn’t mind blowing, but there was enough there for me to enjoy it overall. There’ve certainly been better episodes this season, but it was a welcome return to the arc and it did add some interesting elements to the proceedings. All in all, I’d say it was 45 minutes well spent.

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