Comfort Insulin Syringes for Diabetes
  • I haven’t had this problem with the Comfort insulin syringes
  • My insurance pays a great deal of the cost

    • by Shawndellah

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      I am diabetic and take four insulin shots daily. My pharmacy recommended the Comfort insulin syringes. Initially, you might think that all syringes are the same. I’ve used a lot of different brands throughout the years. The type of syringe that you have for injections can make a huge impact on your body.

      The Comfort insulin syringes go up to 100 cc units. I normally take 40 cc of short-term insulin for meals and 70 cc of long-term insulin at bedtime. Some syringes only go to 50 cc. It is very helpful that these go to 100. This means I don’t have to use two different types of syringes for my insulin. I can just use from one box at a

      time. If these were 50 cc then I wouldn’t be able to load up the long-term insulin at bedtime. Being that they’re 100 cc then that covers the bedtime shot as well.

      The needles on the syringes are very sharp and even. I have not come across any of them that were dull or jagged like with other brands. When I give myself the injections it is important to have sharp needles. This makes the injection less painful. If a needle is dull, there tends to be bleeding and soreness at the injection site. I haven’t had this problem with the Comfort insulin syringes.

      I use the ultra-fine short needles. There is very little bruising with the shorter needles. I also found ...

      • that I am not having the insulin bubble under the skin. Even though the needles are short, they are long enough to inject the insulin deep enough into the muscle for immediate absorption. If the needle is too short the higher doses of insulin tend to bubble under the skin. Bubbling causes the insulin not to absorb in the muscle.

        The shorter needles also help prevent bruising or hard spots on my skin at the injection sites. This means that I can use the same injection area throughout the day for my shots. Then the next day, I switch to a new injection site. With other syringes that I have tried, I ended up with bruising. This meant I was having

        to rotate injection sites more frequently. Plus, I was having to deal with the soreness from bruising from the injections. I have not had this problem with the Comfort insulin syringes.

        The price for the Comfort insulin syringes is a little bit higher than other syringes I have used in the past. However, I am lucky because my doctor writes a prescription for the syringes. My insurance pays a great deal of the cost. This means that I can use one syringe per shot and then properly dispose of the syringes when I am done. It is best not to use a syringe more than once. With the pricing of the Comfort insulin syringes I just use them once and then dispose of them.

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