Archos 101 Generation 9 tablet
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  • In my opinion, both applications run very well
  • I do not experience any lag nor any delay
  • For most well-made applications, the Archos 101 G9 can multi-task them without a problem
  • I love one thing the Archos the most mainly for its ability to play any formats with any codecs
  • In the end, I am disappointed with the battery life

    • by MisterTickle


      The Archos 101 Generation 9 tablet is much better than the previous versions. There are some new features, but also new problems and some old problems. I stay updated to Archos products mainly because they are considerably cheaper, but they also have a certain quality standard other tablets do not have.

      I was actually quite glad to see the generation 9 Archos running the Android 3.2 Honey Comb operating system. The 3.2 version is only slightly an improvement compared to the original 3.0 version. I actually find that the change is not significant. It is just a new menu at the side with some other cool features. I’m mainly just glad to see that they got rid of the grid layout where applications fill the page. This new operating system makes app organization a whole lot easier. The Archos 101 G9 has a better and faster processor now. I have the classic version so I have the OMAP 4 multi-core 1 GHz processor. There is also the turbo version where I can get a 1.5 GHz processor. I was planning

      on getting that, but I really could not wait for the turbo version to come out. Besides, 1 GHz is actually enough, especially now that it is running with multiple cores. I’m not sure how many cores it is using, but it does represent itself well in the performance. Like always, I am capable of playing my favorite games such as Angry Birds. I also play a bit of poker on Android. In my opinion, both applications run very well. I do not experience any lag nor any delay. I would like to note that there are occasional delays and lag with certain applications. This is not because the tablet is poorly built, but rather the application is poorly built. For most well-made applications, the Archos 101 G9 can multi-task them without a problem.

      The video watching experience was great. I have to download videos from another source as Archos does not have their own movie database. However, it actually isn’t too hard. I can stream movies online so I don’t necessarily have to download them. I have the 250

      GB capacity version so I have loads of room to store videos if I wanted to. In this case, I have stored only some. I try to download and then watch them offline mainly because to prevent hosting problems and I do not want to be limited by poor connection. As always, the Archos is capable of playing videos in HD. I love one thing the Archos the most mainly for its ability to play any formats with any codecs. I never have been unable to play a video because the format or codec was wrong. It always works for me. This is actually not the case with other devices, but it is the case with the Archos. The music playback is decent. I find that the maximum volume is a bit low, even on speakers.

      I was so glad to see that this tablet has the GPS feature. In the previous generation, Archos actually got rid of the GPS option. I’m glad to see it again. The GPS feature is mostly for small screen devices as they are easy ...

      • Archos 101 Generation 9 tablet
      to mount on your dashboard in the car. However, there are benefits of the GPS feature with a 10.1 inch screen. For one, I can see my surroundings without having to zoom out a lot and then view the surroundings. I have had this problem with smaller screens as it is hard to see my surroundings. In my opinion, the GPS feature is not useful for in the car use. However, it is useful to look up a location when I don’t have internet around. This is mainly when I am outdoors and I am trying to find a service station.

      The web browsing experience is decent. The speed is quite fast, but the screen is a bit hard to navigate. I find that the screen is not sensitive enough, but also it is not accurate. I could be trying to press a button and another random button will be registered. I find that using a stylus helps a bit. When picking out a stylus, try to get the pointer to be as small as possible. I find that bigger pointers

      are also a bit hard to use as the cover more of the screen. I mainly have trouble typing web addresses because the keyboard is hard to use. Other than that, I’m glad to see the Flash support. I can watch all of my favorite videos easily.

      My only concern is the battery life. The battery life is not what it claims to be. The first time I used it, I charged the battery life to 100% and then used it non stop. I got five hours out of it from watching videos. According the the specifications, the Archos is capable of lasting seven hours. This is not the case. The internet navigation time was said to be capable of lasting ten hours. This is also false. I got a mere three and a half hours out of it. I set the brightness low, no speakers on, and killed all the background applications to free up memory and to reduce the battery usage. In the end, I am disappointed with the battery life. It simply cannot deliver the time it said it would.

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