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  • It provides a speed of 2 MBPS at a monthly cost of Rs
  • Im very disappointed that I myself could get this connection since i use a Tata Indicom landline
  • I get jealous everytime my friends describe their experience in internet surfing
  • The only problem which you might sometimes face is a server shutdown due to which speed decreases tremondously

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      If your looking for an internet provider in India which is capable of delivering the productivity which you require, then India’s BSNL Internet Connection is the answer. There are many other private providers in India but BSNL beats them all.

      It provides a speed of 2

      MBPS at a monthly cost of Rs.

      250 only.

      Moreover, they provide free downloads upto 400MB exceeding which downloads are charged.

      Im very disappointed that I myself could get this connection since i use a Tata Indicom landline.

      I get jealous everytime my friends describe their experience ...

      • in internet surfing.

        They get so much more quality at a cost one-fourth of mine by using the BSNL Internet Connection.

        The only problem which you might sometimes face is a server shutdown due to which speed decreases tremondously; but such situations are rare and adjustable.

        The customer support provided is also very good.

        I appreciate their efforts in becoming the industry’s leader.

        Oh yes, i almost forgot; they also provided an email account and some amount of server space.

        I assure you that you will have happy times on using this internet provider

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    abhishek says :

    Can we download for free during night times with the present bsnl offer….. before there was an offer with free internet during 2-8 in the night right…. do we have it even now????
    Jules Li says :

    Abhishek, there aren’t currently any plans that currently have this feature.
    Galega says :

    Hi Abhishek,

    As mentioned above, BSNL has stopped unlimited (free download) night plan for broadband customer.

    However, if you are a postpaid user of the company, you can still avail this offer.

    Further, BSNL has come out with some amazing offers for its 3G customers. For this, you have to shell out Rs. 389. The duration will be 00:00 to 06:00. I am using BSNL 3G. The speed (at least in night) is amazing.
    hanif says :

    Dear Sir I want an Internet connection Boradband ulimitted access What is the procedure? I am living in Kearala .This for my home. What is the connection fee monthly rent etc…. Regards.
    Jules Li says :

    Hanif, the fees depend on which plan you choose, here’s a link that shows the details for each plan:
    Galega says :

    Hi Hanif,

    If you are already having a landline connection of BSNL, you can get the Internet connection in just one day. Just apply for it. You don’t need to submit any additional documents. You will get the form at the local BSNL office.

    If you don’t have the landline connection, go to the local BSNL office. Ask for the form and submit that with all relevant documents. You are required to give one residential proof and/or one identity proof. You are also required to deposit one time fee (which varies according to the area - free for rural).

    Here is a link to get the complete tariff plan of BSNL Internet . Select the one which suits you.
    Kartikay Malhotra says :

    Dear Sir Can I have an Internet connection at South Delhi? Please give me the rates, etc. Thanks Kartikay
    Jules Li says :

    Kartikay, it is available in South Delhi. Here’s a link that lists out the rates for each plan:
    Galega says :

    Hi Kartikay,

    As you know BSNL, a Government of India company, doesn’t have operation in Delhi and Mumbai. You can’t get BSNL Internet connection in South Delhi.

    You can get MTNL (Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Limited), another Government of India company, internet connection in South Delhi. MTNL runs only in two circles, Delhi and Mumbai (where BSNL has not any presence).
    Galega says :

    Hi Jules Li,

    BSNL is not available in Delhi (and Mumbai). Hence there is no question of him getting a BSNL Internet connection in South Delhi.
    qadir tambe says :

    i have broadband connection in my house, but now i am in Qatar Arabian gulf . at my home, they don`t know how check data usage on dataone can i access dataone website from here to check usage, if yes then how because when i try to access dataone its not proceed please help me
    Jules Li says :

    Qadir, you can access dataone to check your usage. Here’s a direct link to the website, you will need your email ID and password to log in:
    Galega says :

    It is easy to check data uses. The above link is no more working as that is not needed anymore. As soon as you connect to BSNL Internet, you will find information about data usage directly on the home page. There are other relevant information also, like that of the date for next recharge and current offers.
    nikhil says :

    ARE YOU CRAZY?? ? ? BSNL is the worst ISP ever. Come on the only reason the people are choosing BSNL is because they have no other option. Like when airtel lauched broadband in my town belgaum,karnataka . It in a minute they were loaded with applications. At a point airtel had to start refusing orders because they couldnot support them. I had airtel for a few months. It was awesome, no downtime, excellent download rates. Where as bsnl you get downtime every week, sometimes even every day. Their worst problem is the noise on thier network. Too much noise, most of the time net connection will drop because of noise. If you call them up, they wont know what the hell to do. And the 2mbps they claim is a haux. That 2mbps, is shared with 50people. This means if some freaks puts on some torrents, 50 other people are screwed I can tell you one thing if people had the choice of ISP many will certainly not opt for BSNL.
    abdullah says :

    my name is abdullah .how i can take internet connection.please give me the rates.iam living in kondotty,malappuram dt kerala.
    Galega says :

    Hi Abdullah,

    You need to visit the local BSNL office (yes, unlike private operator where you can get internet connection even in a store). You will have to fill a form for internet connection along with some necessary documents which include a residential proof or/and an identity proof. After that, you can expect to get the connection within one week. Here is the address of your local BSNL office:

    Tele Exchange Building
    PO: Kondotty

    Here is a link where you can get all current rates of BSNL
    Nishank says :

    Pls let me know different plans i need a download speed of around 200kb s, do i need a 1mbps line for that? allso i need tarriffs for unlimited download do i compulsorily need to take a landline in order to take broadband services Thanks Nishank
    Jules Li says :

    Here’s a link that lists out all the fees for the plans: I’m not sure I understand exactly what you asking about the speeds, but if your question is about the speed, the 1mbps plan does exceed the 200 kbs.
    Galega says :

    Hi Nishank,

    For 200 kbps of download speed, you don’t need 1 mbps connection. You can get this download speed with 512 kbps connection. 1mbps will be quite costly. I have used BSNL and most of the time used to get this speed with 512 kbps.

    The upload speed may be quite low.

    One more thing, download speed depends on many factors and BSNL is not entirely responsible for low speed.

    You don’t need to take a landline connection for it (if you have one, it is good).

    There are many plans for unlimited broadband access (unlimited download you are asking for). Here is link where you can check all current plans:

    I would like to remind you that there is nothing like`unlimited plan’. It comes with some conditions. If you will cross a certain limit (2 GB for 512kbps unlimited plan), they will drastically reduce the internet speed making it even more difficult to download anything (with pathetic speed, it may take ages to download a movie). Please read about all plans before selecting one.

    And, you can definitely change any plan anytime with BSNL.
    madhu says :

    sir pls say the monthly charges for bsnl net
    Jules Li says :

    Madhu, here’s a link to BSNL’s website that lists all of the fees that are associated:
    Galega says :

    Monthly charges varies according to plan you have taken. Further, there are many types of broadband offered by BSNL, like Landline, Dial UP, CDMA (EVDO), Fiber and Mobile, among others. The cheapest will be landline and Dial Up. But these two are also lacks trustworthiness because of various issues. I would suggest you to go for mobile broadband where you will find flexible monthly charges as per your requirements. The charge starts from Rs. 149 for one month.
    sunil kumar sharma says :

    Sir Madam, I am Sunil Sharma, living at Swarajya housing society, Sec-4, PCNTDA, Mausi. My contact number is 9860003948. I have just shifted to this area. Can you help in providing the BSNL broadband internet connection as soon as possible. What are the docoments required etc.
    Jules Li says :

    Sunil, you will have to submit several forms to our local BSNL customer care center. Here’s a link to all of the forms that you’ll need, you can download them here:
    Galega says :

    Hi Sunil,

    You have to fill up an Application form and submit it to your local BSNL office. Remember, you can’t submit this application form to a private outlet like we do in India for private ISP.

    Further, you need to submit one residential proof (with the same name that you are using on the application form). Along with that you need to provide two photographs. Valid I-Card accepted are Voter I Card, Driving License, Passport, Bank Passbook with photographs and Ration Card, among others.
    AT says :

    Can we increase the speed of BSNL connection upto 200kbps
    Jules Li says :

    AT, there are speeds that exceed 200 kbps. Here’s a link with details on the plans, including bandwidth:
    Galega says :

    Hi AT,

    You can’t increase the speed in the middle of a plan. You have to get another plan to do so. There is no other way.

    Here is link where you can get tariff of all plans .

    Please remember, you will NEVER get the exact speed as your plan says. For example, if you have taken 512 kbps plan then the speed will be quite low (around 300 plus most of time). The download and upload speed will also be less than half of the plan you have taken.

    Also, you can get better speed in the night (after 11 PM), when usually the congestion on the network reduces.
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