German Shepherd Dog
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  • But people noticed other good qualities they could use

    • by Khrystian

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      German Shepherds were originally bred for herding animals in Germany. But people noticed other good qualities they could use. German dogs are great for protection and obedience. Though if people bred irresponsibly these dogs can wear down very fast. I’ve noticed their bodies mature faster then other dogs I’ve had. They can also turn into monsters if you let them get away with doing things they shouldn’t.

      I’ve grown up with German Shepherds my whole life. In fact there wasn’t a real long period where I didn’t have

      one. So I’ve seen a the best and the worse. Basically German Shepherds can be loud destructive dogs. Who tend to get very anxious. They also are extremely smart and know when they out weigh you and don’t have to listen. Right now my grand parents own a 100 plus Shepherd who snaps at her horses and pushes his way past you to get to the door. He also is constantly picking up rocks and barking at nothing. He also chews holes in his side and is prone
      to ear infections. While their other German Shepherd gets to excited and starts attacking other dogs. She also chews through fences when left alone. And also barks at nothing.

      I blame all of these things on poor breeding, socialization when they where puppies, and of course training. SO right now they have become monsters.

      Honestly these two dogs have ruined this breed for me. But I do understand there is a good side to this breed. German Shepherds have been used at police dogs for a long time due ...

      • German Shepherd Dog
      to their loyalness. In fact Shepherds are among the top five most popular dog in America. German Shepherds, I find are great with younger children. I have many younger cousins who jump all over my grandparents shepherds. They may be monsters but I never have to worry about them biting or even showing aggression towards the babies.

      German Shepherds are also great guard dogs. Despite how annoying the barking can get I always know when someones here. They also add a great intimidation factor. Staring at a dog who

      is the size of a small pony can make you think twice about harming that person.

      German Shepherds are pron to hip and elbow dysplasia which can be painful as the get older. Like other large dogs shepherds are prone to bloat. Out of all the dog breeds I have owned (over 10) they are by far the most unhealthy dogs.

      Overall I will never get another German Shepherd. But if you are interested PLEASE make sure the dog comes from a good line and is well socialized. Also puppy training classes are recommended!

ReAl1 says :

I feel you really don`t like German Shepard. It sound like your venting your aggression towards the dog lol,its a good summary of the dog but not very helpful at all
Tracy says :

I have a Shepard. He is very territorial and we have had a problem socializing him. He seems to prefer and trust women more. But I will say this, animals sense fear. They also sense danger. But sometimes they have difficulty in identifying one from the other. Be patient.
Joanna says :


I have had several German Sheppard’s in the past and it sound like the major issue is separation anxiety and boredom. German Sheppard’s are very intelligent and energetic animals that require a great deal of exercise and mental stimulation to be good pets. I would suggest that you find training classes and sports that you both you and your dogs can participate in. If they are trained well and participate in educational activities they are less likely to chew, bark and be destructive. This particularly true if you have puppies.
Nancy M says :

Before buying a dog, you need to find everything out about the breed. Let’s take the German shepherd breed. There are three different kinds of German Shepherds. You need to ask yourself what you need the dog for? They are great for family dogs which are very protective in case of burglars. This would be the German line of German shepherds. Their back ends are higher. The English line of German Shepherds are made for jumping in competitions. Their hind ends are lower, and the breed have medical problems with their hips.
The third line escapes me right now. All dogs have good and bad points, but you should decide what you can live with. Training the German Shepherd is quite easy because they are so smart. But you need to be consistent because if you are not that dog will pick up bad habits. Mine picked up the habit of jumping up in the air every time I ate. I did not intend to train him to do this but I did. Good luck with your dog
Jose Juan Gutierrez says :

re : But people noticed other good qualities they could use
I have only seen the German Shepherd Dog qualities from having lived close to someone who owned one. They are not as noble as the Labradors however, they are used as guides for crippled people and the police uses them for many purposes. I read that German shepherds were used during World War 11 as dog soldiers and after the war many were left in the grounds of the war due that they were not going to be able to adapt to the civilized society.

Like almost every dog that I have known, the German Shepherd most be very observant of the characteristics of humans and act accordingly to his masters own type of behavior. I consider that humans are like the mirror into which every dog reflects itself.

In the present, I don t own a dog however, I would consider the German shepherd as my next companion. It must be a great experience to have one at home.
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