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  • Contrary to what many people believe the Huskies are normal domesticated dogs

    • by Khrystian

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      Many people have this idea that Siberian huskies are part wolf and are aggressive. I would Like to smack those people in the head and hand them a real educational book about huskies. Contrary to what many people believe the Huskies are normal domesticated dogs. In fact all dogs have a bit of wolf some where down the line, way back when. I don’t understand how someone could even mistake the two a Siberian husky is a lot smaller and their hair is thicker and finer then a wolf’s almost wiry coat.

      Siberian Huskies are one of the most least aggressive dogs out there,

      in fact my family often jokes if someone broke into our house our five huskies would most likely show them where all of our valuables are rather then attacking. Huskies are also good with nearly any animal. Though I would watch them with smaller animals such as rabbits. My huskies sleep on the bed curled up to our family cats and have never tried to hurt even a hair on their heads. Huskies are one of the most social and loving dogs, they always want to be with their people and constantly giving love back. Many people believe that huskies are bad with small children, WRONG my dogs adore younger children.

      The Siberian husky does have one major flaw. They were born to run so when off leash they often run away. So they need to stay on a leash at all times or you could risk your dog getting hit or possibly stolen. Huskies are very hard headed they really only want to do things their way so training takes a lot of work, but can be very beneficial. Huskies have a need to pull so a normal leash and caller would hurt both you and the dog. A nice supportive harness is whats needed.

      Huskies are generally ...

      • Siberian Huskie
      healthy dogs and can live a while if properly taken care of. Though they prefer to live in colder climates they can live in warmer area is proper supplies are provided. Like a small kiddie pool filled with water is a important tool if you live in a climate where the weather can get higher then 100 degrees. Imagine living with all that fur in that heat, it could be damaging to your dog and could also kill them.

      Huskies have thick under coats that normally shed a few times a year so it is important that you groom your huskies once a week. The

      Siberian huskies fur is made up of a thick soft under coat which helps keep the dog warm in cold temperatures but the longer guard hair is water proof ensuring the undercoat stays dry.

      Siberian Huskies and malamutes look similar but if you understand both breeds you can tell the difference. Like Malamutes will never have blue eyes it’s genetically almost impossible. Malamutes tend to be bulkier because they where bred for pulling heavy loads short distances while Siberian huskies where breed for endurance rather then strength.

      Owning a Siberian husky is a wonderful experiences. They are both beautiful and loving companions that complete any home.

Azriel says :

We live in a small apartment (condo type) so it is rather not advisable for us to have such a pet that would demand space to run around and exercise. I have heard lots of good things about huskies too, They would be high maintenance for us here in Southeast Asia though as our weather is not cold and I heard Huskies are accustomed to colder weather. Poor thing If I insist on owning one and not able to give what it needs at the minimum.
Jennifer Davis says :

Hi Azriel, as a person who works with ASPCA here to act as a temporary home for huskies who are abandoned I can tell you that you are absolutely correct. Huskies do okay in all kinds of weather, but in warm weather like here in Georgia they do shed alot and most people aren’t prepared for it. Also, huskies can live in apartments, but for this to work the require daily walks and exercise routines. The behaved huskies are though are taught tricks such Frisbee and other running games. They are also natural born to be protective with children so we train our huskies to pull wagons and small carts that small children can ride in. This gives the huskies a much needed work out plus the children seem to really enjoy it.
Gabriella Powers says :

Siberian huskies and some of the friendliest and personalized dogs you can get. They are beautiful creatures that make great companions.
ferrara says :

They are dogs with character, but too friendly, good with children and they are amazing company.
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