Assured Pain Relief Hot Patch

    • by adrean_j

      I have been dealing with pain that starts from my upper extremities and shoots down to the lower middle of my back. The pain was not very severe, but bad enough that I could not stand for a long period of time. I wanted something that would relieve the pain that would make me feel a little more limber and not so stiff. I did not want to spend a lot of money on this type of product, as I have always hated paying a lot of money for something that ended up not even working at all. I decided to purchase the Assured Pain Relief Hot Patch from my local dollar tree store. This item was

      on the shelf for mere dollar and contained two patches. The patches were easy to open and apply. I simply had to pull away the plastic and the menthol patch was ready to apply. It was small enough to fit in one hand, making it not so difficult to apply it to my lower back myself.

      As I applied the patch, it initially felt cold. I hated that it felt a little cold and sticky, but that feeling went away soon after. After about a minute or two, the patch started to warm my back and radiate heat. I liked that the heat was soothing and it seemed to penetrate deeply. Though this patch was working well,

      • it did not work very well for long term. I noticed the heat action dwindling away after only an hour. I kept the patch on for another hour, and by that time, it basically did not contain any more medicine. I ended up applying the other patch, because I was a little disappointed. The pain had none gone away and the pain had only been alleviated about 30 percent. After wearing the second patch for another two hours, my back felt a little less tight and felt more relaxed. This product was mess free, which was the best part. I loved not having to deal with annoying rubs and creams. I also like that I could just
        throw the patch away when I was done and that these Assured pain relief patches were so convenient.

        I feel that this product is decent, but does not work as well as other patches I have tried at the same price. I prefer the Absorbine Jr. and Icy Hot Patches to this one, but would use it if those options were not available. I would recommend this product to someone with a mild muscle problem, such as mine. These patches were not the most potent, but it released enough menthol to keep my pain down for a few hours,. I would not recommend these for overnight because the patches do not stick to the skin as well as they should.

    Valerie Wilkerson says :

    re : I decided to purchase the Assured Pain Relief Hot Patch from my local dollar tree store
    The patch PACKAGE is of better quality than the patch. The patch may work if it would stay where placed. If I put on my knee I have to put a wrap around my knee. If I put on my back I have to place tape over it.
    And…due to that the patch isn’t adhered to skin to get full benefit. I bought 20 of these and I am so disappointed. I just had my mom go get me patches. Unknowing she went to the Dollar Tree and she picked up Assured extra strength hot n cold.21 packages. I have not tried as I’m hoping my mom can get me the receipt so I can return. I’m sure you mean to help, but you haven’t and now my $ 41.00 is gone.
    Assured Company is taking our money for a product that is faulty in doing the job it is suppose to do.
    Valerie Wilkerson says :

    re : I would not recommend these for overnight because the patches do not stick to the skin as well as they should
    The patches do not adhere at all. Not as you say.`did not adhere as well as they are expected’
    I see you are posting only positive comments.
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