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Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal City Plaza, Los Angeles, CA
  • Before going to this event, I read amazing reviews about Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights
  • I heard that their mazes were so disgusting and just the best mazes in southern California
  • I thought it would get fast but then it was super slow
  • Later, I found out it was those flexible needles

    • by Tan Vu

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      Before going to this event, I read amazing reviews about Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. I heard that their mazes were so disgusting and just the best mazes in southern California. I had super high expectations for this event. In the end, it was good, but it didn’t meet my expectations. I guess I was expecting to much. It’s still a great scary night, but it’s not the best though.

      First of all, the tickets were cheap. If you buy it online, it’s only $37-57 which his a great price. I got it at $47.99 which is a good deal to me. So then when we get there, it was like 6:30. The gates officially open at 7:00. The lines were moving really quickly and I was really surprised. I’m actually loving it so far. The place is beautiful.

      I’ve never been to Universal Studios before so this is my first time. It’s really just magnificent. So then we enter the gates and security check and it was amazing. It was so dark. When we went in, there were 2 girls in this cage and their neck was cut open and they were dancing. It just gave me goosebumps. The place was so dark and creepy and I was really scared.

      The first attraction we went

      on was the Terror Tram: Scream 4 Your Life. While we were getting there, the first scare zone arrived. Scare zones are places where there will be monsters going around and trying to scare you. They will actually chase you too. The first one was Scream. He was creeping from EVERY corner from escalators to walls. It was super scary. So then we went on the terror tram. The line was kinda long but not that long. It was actually going SUPER fast. So then we rode on the tour bus before we were let go to walk on ourselves. It was scary. There were all sorts of things including zombies, scream, hairy man, and just absolutely creepy. I was enjoying it so much.

      So then after that, we got to another scare zone. And this time, it was like zombies with chainsaws. Unlike Scream, these guys go everywhere and just scares the creep out of you. They have chainsaws that sparks and I hate the noise so much. It creeps me out. We then went to the Hostel maze and the line was super long. I thought it would get fast but then it was super slow. It was like a 1-2 hours wait. The maze wasn’t that good as I thought but ...

      • it was pretty cool. There was this scene where a surgeon was cutting this guys’ knees and it was just disgusting. It looks so real and I can like imagine it right now.

        After that, we went the mummy ride. It was super cool and I love the wind. At the end of the first ride, bugs were on the screen and then you can feel it. Later, I found out it was those flexible needles. It felt super weird especially when you’re seeing it on the screen.

        And then we went to Jurassic Park. It was amazing. I love the final down part. It was amazing. It felt so cool especially when the big dinosaur was on top of us when we were just about to go down. When we got down, water splashed everywhere. It was just fantastic.

        And then we went to House of 1,000 corpes 3-D maze and it was so cool and scary. It extremely freaks me out. But the line again was super long. That’s the only thing I hate about this place. The lines are just so long and I can’t go on a lot of the attractions. I just hate it. But the maze was super cool and scary.

        The final maze we went to was the Werewolf one.

        When we got there, we got to another scare zone which was the clowns. WOW! That was the best scare zone ever. They were everywhere scaring you every corner. They kept on aiming at my wife that it was just scary. The Werewolf maze was the best. I cant’ believe the line was so short but it was so scary. We had to go through bridges and the screen outside was spinning. And plus, there was this final scene, where you have to get through this narrow line. And besides you are full of monsters/werewolves. It was plain freaky.

        So then it was 1:30ish and we’re trying to find the way out and take pictures on the way. At like 1:45, we were so close at the exit gates but then all the scare zones monsters were there lining up, staying still. It was just so freaky. My wife and I was really freaky myself and we were just walking slowly. When we got in the middle, ALL OF THEM WENT MANIACS! Chainsaws and people were running everywhere and it was just plain freaky. That was the best part! WOW!!

        Overall, it’s a pretty good horror event but the only bad thing is the lines. It’s just way to long but it’s still good. Overall, I like it.

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