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  • I love the feeling I am left with after using this mask
  • I really like this mask, I use it often - I like it because it only refreshes and does not do a deep clean of your skin which in my opinion means that it is not so aggressive

    • by Mintaka

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      Sometimes you just have to pamper your skin and this product is one way of doing it.

      There is enough of face mask for two time use.

      The mask is easy to apply and since it is white, you will easily see where you did or did not apply it yet. It smells pleasant, I would describe the scent as being fresh with a bit of alea vera to it. Once you apply

      the mask you need to wait 10 minutes and then wash it off.

      While having the mask on, I had no problems with it, with some masks I experienced slight (or a lot of) pinching, stinging or even some slight burning, with this one there is none (well this one is not meant for deep cleaning so it should not sting).

      In 10 minutes the mask dries up a bit but removing ...

      • it is still not hard enough, you will have to was your face and maybe rub it a bit more here and there and the mask will come off nicely.

        After use the skin is really soft and I feels so relaxed. I love the feeling I am left with after using this mask. The skin looks quite smooth and refreshed, if you use the mask in the morning, you will have

        refreshing looking skin throughout the day.

        You can use the mask 1 to 2 times a week.

        I really like this mask, I use it often - I like it because it only refreshes and does not do a “deep clean” of your skin which in my opinion means that it is not so aggressive. A perfect mask to truly relax the skin on your face. After a hard working day this one feels fabulous.

    Emma says :

    This mask turned my face completely bright red and is making my skin feel horrible. It feels like someone took a blow torch to my face. My faceis mainly BRIGHT RED in the t zone and is burning a lot in those areas. Not only that my face doesnt even feel soft………. THANKS A LOT I AM NEVER USING ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS AGAIN NOR SUGGESTING THEM TO ANY OF MY FRIENDS OR FAMILY.:((((((
    Galega says :

    This product isn’t suitable for all types of skin. It is because of this fact that the manufacturer has clearly asks users to first go for patch test, before complete use.

    Further, you must use a good sunscreen cream while going out for Sun exposure. Because of Sun exposure your skin can become reddish with burning sensation (during days when you are using Balea Moisturizing Face Mask.
    Stacy says :

    same thing literally just happened to me. Rinsed the stuff off and everywhere it touched is bright red. Ugh
    Galega says :

    It is obviously not suitable for you. The manufacturer has clearly asks users to first go for patch test (apply this cream on a small area and see what happens within 24 hours) before using it on the entire face/neck.

    You should immediately discontinue using it.
    Kay says :

    I absolutely love this mask. Mind you I’ve never used it as it implies as an overall face mask. But I find it extremely effective for spot treatments. I smooth it over a zit at night and the next morning it’s gone Zap Seriously the best I hope Balea does not remove this product because of bad reviews. But I can tell you it’s works like magic in drying up zits
    Kate says :

    Omg I completely agree. It felt like a horrible sunburn and now my skin is dryer than ever. Thankfully I noticed some burning before I had left it on for more than 5 minutes and took it off. My face was red when I took it off and it made my zits look twice as big. They still do, and that was about 15 minutes ago… At least the redness is going away :/
    Galega says :

    No cosmetic product is suitable for everyone. Balea has also requested users to first go for patch test before using this product. If you are allergic to an ingredient, then it may be quite harsh for your skin. It is suitable for lots of people. Further, users must use a good sunscreen cream during the phase when they are using this face mask.
    Kat says :

    I had the WORST experience with the Balea Exfoliating Face Mask It turned my face and neck red and it was burning for 2 hours after I had rinsed off the mask. I had blotchy skin the next day and it felt very sensitive. There was NOTHING relaxing about it.
    It honestly felt like I had a really bad sunburn and it was very very uncomfortable. The worst is the way Balea customer service (or lack thereof) treated my dilemma. First off, there was no email or phone number listed on the packaging. I had to write a complaint on Balea’s facebook wall which wasn’t very helpful. All that to say, I will never purchase a Balea product again, especially when I looked into all the chemicals they put in their creams and masks. A doctor once told me never put anything on your face that you wouldn’t put in your mouth
    Stephanie says :

    The same thing happened to me I turned bright red and it burned like crazy , I’m saying this as my faces still red from it I used this product about an hour ago and it feels like a really bad burn
    Galega says :

    This cream isn’t suitable for everyone. The manufacturer has also clearly stated that users must go for patch test before applying it on the entire face. You should have also gone through the same procedure.

    Further, to avoid redness and burning sensation, you should use a good sunscreen cream even before you are going to start to use this face mask.
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