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1160 Lincoln Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
  • The primary security issue is the gate was often propped open and the fence surrounding it has small holes in it by design which make dandy footholds

    • by mamajess

      We chose this apartment complex after looking at several different complexes in the area. Walnut Creek has apartments that are either really nice and brand new or they are full of welfare recipients. Half of the places we looked at did not have websites or brochures and I honestly thought I would pick up fleas being there. The other half we could not afford. This place ended up making the cut because I felt we would not get robbed and it was in a good location. That is about all it has to recommend it. About the units.

      Most of the units are 1 and two bedrooms but they do have studios. If you live on the top floor you get vaulted ceilings but there is a price raise with that. Luckily there is an elevator in each wing so if you live on the top floor you can take it. Sadly this elevator is old and holds little. I used it only to go from the basement to the first floor when parking because it scared me. The complex went through a renovation of sorts just as we were moving out.

      We stayed here while my husband got his Master’s degree and the second he graduated

      we got the heck out. When they “renovated” they did the barest minimum needed to make it look nicer. We watched them do other units so I saw the before and after. What they did was to upgrade the counter tops in the bathrooms and the kitchen to faux marble and to replace the fronts of the cabinets. Some of the sinks were replaced so you now get stainless and of course we got a notice that rents would go up several hundred dollars once completed. This place was built in the 1960’s and has only sort of been updated.

      We had lots of trouble with the water system, never any with the electrical or with leaking but my chief complaints about the complex cannot be fixed without a major remodel of the sort they never do because they are only looking to make money. This building is like a cracker box. You could hear every word the neighbors said. I can tell you the names of the people living above and next to me on each side just from over hearing their conversations. The walls were super cheap and the windows were not very nice, cold air came through it all the time. I was only so so happy with this place.

      The management was iffy at best. We had issues with the noise from our neighbors and they did not seem to want to have any confrontation with them. I had one neighbor who played music all night and who let their child cry it out beginning at 10 pm but they did not want to upset them so the management did nothing, another neighbor would lock their children out in the common area for time outs so we had to listen to their children screaming in terror and banging on their front door desperate to get in (we would watch out our peephole to make sure the kids were safe) but the management wanted to do nothing and refused to speak to them. As I mentioned we had water issues. The water would be off for hours at a time with no notice. We left for vacation one time and gave the management notice of the dates we were going to be gone.

      When we returned a week later we found that we had mold growing up our walls. It turns out that while we were gone the water went out and the people upstairs decided to turn on all of their faucets and then left the house for ...

      • Castlewood Apartments
      a few hours. Water then dripped down flooding their apartment and into mine. The management was aware of this situation as they needed to fix up their apartment but at no time did it occur to them to check our unit for damage. So when we reported it the first time they entered to clean up was once we threatened them with a lawsuit. Yes they did clean it up, and they paid a portion of the damage to our belongings, but they paid in cash which is the oddest thing.

      I have never heard of a building not being able to furnish a check, they gave us cash which they photocopied the serial numbers off of. The did not replace the carpets or do anything to the walls other than bleach them, we moved shortly after so the next renters inherited our mold infested unit. We had several thefts in this building due to the management. We had a tiny mail box and when the mail overflowed the carrier would leave the mail and any packages with the management, but if they were not there they would put it at your doorstop which is when it was taken typically. They would also put packages in the office, but the office had

      a habit of leaving the office unlocked and we had several Amazon packages stolen this way. The building is a secure facility in name only.

      There is a gate which requires a code. The primary security issue is the gate was often propped open and the fence surrounding it has small holes in it by design which make dandy footholds. My brother in law was visiting and he locked himself out and was able to easily hop the fence in broad daylight and no one knew he was staying with us nor stopped him. The pool area is nice and mostly clean. We did have a couple of swans who started living in the pool which is when we stopped using it. They kept it moss free and it was never dirty.

      The work out room which looks out on the pool is nice, they kept it up well.

      On the whole I give them a 5. For $1400 you get a two bedroom two bath unit and a parking space. You can walk to safeway, there is little guest parking but it is a nice walk to downtown, just a short walk to Bart. They get a 10 for location as it is close to everything and the library is down the street.

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