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    • by jhunie


      You could say that I have a healthy skepticism over eye rollers. The main idea of combining a certain mechanical action, which in this case is purported as ‘massaging’ the eyes, with an eye cream, serum, or anything for that matter to relieve puffy eyes is airy business. My secret to fend off puffy eyes? Simple: a good night’s rest. That always works. Challenging my unyielding disbelief is the Olay eye roller. Some free stuff has been rolling in of late, and one of such items is the Olay Regenerist anti-aging eye roller, something I got from those free offer marketing tie-ups with magazines.

      To believe that one can roll away puffy bags is a fantasy, but that proposition gains a slight credibility with the Olay eye roller. Puffy eye bags pester me infrequently now. There are days, however, when I totally get no sleep, and I stay up for 24 hours, even more, due to a volatile schedule. I get “bedroom” eyes

      that feel heavy, and my eye lids, with its tired muscles, refuse to open up wide; my foggy vision is similar to a camera that would not focus. Caffeine lends some extra energy. But during moments like this, I’m a zombie and probably look like it too. I massage the roller gently, relishing the coolness of the metal balls. The eye roller clears off the drowsy feeling, as if relaxing the tense muscles under the eyes. I would say the coolness is more intense than the ceramic tip of Estee Lauder’s Idealist, which I use later as an under-eye concealer (slowly tapping the tip instead of massaging). The two subsequently make a quickie treatment for puffy bags, although it only improves the condition, somewhat, and not a complete transformation. Had it been that I used the Olay roller alone (or that I didn’t put it in the fridge) it might take several sessions before I could see results. Just like cooling eye patches,

      • I sternly believe it’s the cool sensation that does the work here, not the formula nor the mechanical action. So if need be, amplify the cooling effect. I get that my eyes really love that cold touch.

        The Regenerist eye roller is like a gadget. With the size of a pen light, it dispenses a measured amount of serum with a click. Olay tripled the rollers by adding 2 to the regular rollerball applicator, and in total you get 3 metal balls, albeit tinier than others, to make a lot of rolling action! I gross out a bit upon seeing the serum suddenly leaking out from each side of the rollerballs. I rock the roller back and forth, and the combined sensation of rolling the tiny balls stimulates my under-eye area. A single click provides a lavish amount enough to cover both eyes. I even wipe some of the residue left with tissue, because the serum spreads up to the waterline.

        Unlike eye rollers with

        clear liquid formulas that dry up immediately on the skin, Olay’s has a semi-cream, serum consistency which takes a good deal of rolling and time to be absorbed. The serum is runny, and thus promotes a smooth texture on which the roller can glide. It’s immensely hydrating for the eyes. Olay may have captured this idea of a holistic eye product that moisturizes and de-puffs at the same time. The serum tends to look like gloppy glue on the skin once it starts coming out of the rollers.

        If you strip it down to what matters, the crux is that the product works like a moisturizing eye cream whilst improving the appearance of droopy eyes. It’s nice to append an eye roller into your morning or night routine, agreeably like this one which covers most of our eye care needs. But I’m uninterested in spending 20 dollars for that. If you are, otherwise, I would recommend it. Honestly though, I rather get some sleep.

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