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      I own a pair of the fuzziest bunny slippers. I hustle my feet every day to work, and thus they deserve to be treated like royalty at home. I love wearing comfortable slip-ons inside the house – you know the faux fur slippers that feel so snug. I don my pajamas and step on my favorite pair of bunny slippers. These adorable bunnies are the cutest footwear, but they smell. It was only recently since this odor problem had come to light. After smelling a foul, musty odor that didn’t seem to evade me, I figured out my feet were the stinking bomb. My bunny slippers were breeding bad odor, and soon enough my feet acquired that ghastly smell. Bad bunnies! It could be that I slip my feet inside my bunny slippers after taking

      a shower, while they’re pretty wet. I least expect odor to strike, of all places, on my feet, though I’m glad there’s a product that addresses this problem. It’s the Fissan foot deodorant powder.

      The odor seemed to have inhabited my feet permanently. Washing and scrubbing my feet only mitigated the stink to a not-so obvious degree. But if I sniffed my toes closer, the smell took me back to my bunny slippers. I sprinkled the foot powder liberally. The deodorant powder had a sharp scent of its own that masked out the odor. I subsequently applied the foot powder day and night. I bought desiccant packets and stuffed them inside shoe boxes. I tried to wear different shoes every day. A few days afterward, that “bunny” smell was gone. I could finally breathe

      in my bedroom without the odor.

      For my first case of feet odor adapted from smelly slippers, the fissan foot powder neutralized the odor almost instantly. Whatever’s smelling could be your stinking shoes! Or, the odor is still traveling in the air. I was planning to pour some of the powder on my cute bunny slippers to drive away the smell, but it was too much to bear. There was nothing I could do to salvage the pair. The powder must cover every corner of your little toes to ensure the odor is alleviated. I liken its texture to baking soda. It leaves the feet looking ashen. It is quite powdery because of the talc in it, so pour the powder close to the skin as possible to prevent inhaling the talc.

      Days later, I primped my toes ...

      • Fissan Foot Deodorant Powder
      and did my own pedicure. I could sense that my toes smelled a bit like the earthy zinc oxide in this foot powder. Even the scraped top layer of my toenails, done with a pusher, had a recognizable smell. The deodorizing powder really burrows into the skin, I suppose, although I rather have my feet smell of nothing else. So it may be prudent to just use the powder in a pinch, observe proper hygiene, and not depend on this completely. I don’t have sweaty feet, I guess. And I hardly wear socks. The blurb in the back of the packaging says the powder keeps feet dry. It certainly does for me, as my feet are normally dry anyway. Yet I think the powder only acts to deodorize the smell. That it stops the
      skin from sweating is a dubious claim, because it’s not an antiperspirant.

      The powder’s main deodorant formula consists mainly of zinc oxide and other agents that act upon the odor by killing bacteria/ fungi. The scent attempts to smell pleasant, but you can detect a medicinal quality owing to the zinc oxide. It’s a relative smell present in some of the topical ointments I’ve used that contain zinc oxide. Although I like the smell of talc baby powder, this one is identifiably a foot powder. Btw, it also has peppermint and menthol which hardly, if any, produce any tactile sensation. The crux of this review is that the Fissan foot powder is effective for foot odor, as it did for me. It retails at 2 dollars. Now I’ll be careful never to wear fuzzy bunny slippers no matter how cute.

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Azriel says :

I haven’t really tried this one but I have used another brand for a similar purpose. From your review though I just miht stick to what I am already using. Thank you so much.
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