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  • It only takes about five minutes and I can have lunch made

    • by sadonna
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      Valley Gem makes country style baked beans. They are distributed by Franklin Foods Incorporated in Knoxville, Tennessee.

      I usually purchase the 27.

      5 ounce size

      can because it is just enough for my three kids a good lunch with a couple of hot dogs cut up in it to add flavor.

      My son likes to add barbeque sauce but the other kids like it plain.

      So for the .

      69 cents that it cost for the ...

Charlene Dugo says :

I live in West Chicago, Illinois. What stores carry Valley Gem Baked Beans?
Scott P. says :

I just found these at Big Lots.
isadorafier says :

It is available at walmart and publix. I would suggest trying Bjs, Sam’s Club or even Aldis if you want alot of them for cheap prices.
rollo says :

where can i buy valley gem pinto beans
John says :

In addition to Wal-Mart, I’ve also found them at Family Dollar stores as well.
Carol says :

I am trying to find the Valley Gem baked beans in the Chicago suburban area. Does anyone know where they can be purchased?
m.b. sharp says :

I found Valley Gem products at Fair Share on Roosevelt, in Oak Park. Fair Share is supplied by Certified Grocery, so potentially any Certified Grocer could order Valley Gem in the Chicago area.
quick note by anonymous :

I live in Englewood fl and I want to know where to buy valley gem baked beans?
Joanna says :


The only place in Florida that I have been able to find them was Big Lots. However, I am not a big fan of them since the last couple of can’s I got were stale tasting. I like Bush’s Baked Beans a lot, but if you are looking for a very inexpensive alternative, Save-A-Lot’s brand of baked beans are delicious.

Personally, I would recommend Save-A-Lot’s over Valley Gem any day.

Hope this helps.


Tina says :

Franklin Foods, who own the trademark Valley Gem, are located at the same address as Bush Brothers, 1016 E Weisgarber Rd, Knoxville, TN 37909. It sure looks like that the Valley Gem brand is a way for Bush’s to sell off overstock and maybe seconds. Add that to the fact that my can of Valley Gem beans has the trademark Bush’s Baked Beans printed lid top, I suspect they are the same. That’s why I find Valley Gem in closeout stores, not standard line stores, I suspect.
Tina says :

The label for the Valley Gem beans shows a weight of 27.5 oz, while the Bush’s shows 28 oz. It makes me suspect that slightly under filled cans cans of Bush’s can be sold as Valley Gem
beth says :

They use a different top and sides when canned. The bottom of the can is the same as Bush’s and yes they are one in the same. It’s a way to sell to the discount shopper without discounting their product
Dave t says :

You are absolutely correct. Most people don t know this but you figured it out. Congrats. Something is slightly wrong with product but safe to consumers. All owned by BushBrothers. Not Baked or slow cooked either. But it is the cleanest plant you ll ever eat from. This is known by few. Former employee.Retired.
Joanna says :

I haven’t had the alcohol flavor before, but they do taste a little old and stale to me. It is possible that the beans went bad in the can. I know they are inexpensive, but to me they just aren’t very good.
Galega says :

You should check the best before date. There isn’t any alcohol content or alcohol flavor. What you are tasting is a stale product - which has already past its best before date.
Bob Yates says :

My family love them take them over any others UGO in Dalton,Ga.carried them for years can not find them any more.
Jim Gifford says :

re : It only takes about five minutes and I can have lunch made
I wanted a side for my sandwhich so I opened a can of VAlley Gem Brand Original Baked Beans. The use by date is Dec 2018 so I expected them to be fine.. Tehy looked great but as I was washing out the can it foamed as if there was soap in can. Water finally ran clean but I decided to dump beans in garbage. As I rinsed the sauce pan it also foamed like it had soap in it. Do not think I will by any more of these beans.
Galega says :

It is possible that the can was opened previously. The entire process of packing it is automated with minimal human intervention. A reputed brand is not going to pack contaminated and stale product, which will do more harm to brand than earning few penny as revenue. Still, you should shoot an email to the customer care department of Valley Gem.
Sharon Fisher says :

Very shocked to find a black paper label over the Bush Baked Beans label on a can of Valley Gem Brand beans. I do believe this is a bait and switch tactic. I think your company needs to be honest with your clients. HONESTY is always the best policy.
Galega says :

Sometimes stockists resort to this practice of hiding the original label due to some reason, like sudden rise in prices or some other regulatory reason. It is highly unlikely that a black paper was stuck at the manufacturing point. They are not expected to do this. You should talk to the shop from where you had bought it.
sue says :

I love valley gem black beans did the co go out of business cannot find them on the web as well
p mary says :

I tried to eat these valley gem country style baked beans, but when I opened the can, and tasted the beans, they tasted like rubbing alcohol was put in the beans.. what happened? I almost died, thinking I was eating something with rubbing alcohol (or booze?) if this product still on the market? I got this from a local food pantry. if it’s dangerous, it should be recalled, and tested. if it’s harmful, this product should be pulled from stores.
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