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  • While you could argue that it's a rehash, being featured twice in as many episodes, I think it's handled much better here
  • One could argue that the writers put action over story, but I thought it was handled well enough
  • Even though I know that it's a battle that was already lost decades ago, I still feel it is worth mentioning

    • by David Finniss


      Now this is how you make a Ghostbusters episode! No ridiculous comic relief that doesn’t work, but a crisis that tests the Ghostbusters’ abilities and an opponent who forces them to think outside the box.

      The opening scene establishes the threat as a city worker is seemingly attacked by power cables come to life. It’s rather creepy, and accompanied by a simple, but effective tune that sets the tone for the episode. We soon see that the whole town is being plagued by blackouts and its up to the Ghostbusters to figure out what sinister force is behind it.

      Once again, we see the containment unit shutting down. While you could argue that it’s a rehash, being featured twice in as many episodes, I think it’s handled much better here. It would make sense for the blackouts to affect the containment unit. Luckily, the Ghostbusters are no dopes and have a backup generator at the ready for just such an occasion. Of course, that doesn’t work out

      as well as planned, but you can’t fault Egon’s foresight.

      This episode is more action packed than the previous one. The climax itself seems larger scale than the one seen last episode, but we also have a major battle in a hardware store at about the midpoint of the episode to keep the viewer gripped. One could argue that the writers put action over story, but I thought it was handled well enough.

      We did get a few good character moments, both during the Ghostbusters’ downtime and during the crisis itself. We see the beginning of Janine’s flirtation with Egon. This was actually supposed to be a plot point in the movie, but it was toned down. Bringing it back was a nice touch as it added a bit of continuity and it’s always funny to see her make Egon uncomfortable.

      Killerwatt is a superior villain to the unnamed one we saw in episode one. Like said entity, Killerwatt isn’t given much of a history.

      • He simply exists and the Ghostbusters have to fight him. He himself, doesn’t show up until the latter act as the Ghostbusters have their hands full with his minions, who are capable of possessing various pieces of hardware and electronic devices, thus bringing them to life.

        It made for some pretty potent nightmare fuel as we see power tools get possessed and chase after the Ghostbusters. Heck, even Ecto-1 gets possessed at one point. Ray, sentimental as he is, can’t bring himself to fire on the car, thus forcing them to retreat.

        The fact that Killerwatt is, at one point, able to actually gain strength from the proton streams, helps build up tension and forced the Ghostbusters to use their heads. Granted, they eventually win the day with the packs anyway, but it made for a nice “uh oh” moment when they realized that they had to come up with a new plan.

        You could argue that it was a bit anti-climactic, but it didn’t feel that way to me.

        Killerwatt had already given the Ghostbusters plenty of run for their money, so it was about time for them to gain the upper hand, never mind the limited run time. I did get a laugh when he went from laughing maniacally to looking down despondently and going “aww” when he realized that his source of power was gone.

        This is the type of story that allows the show to hit its highs. Tell a serious story with plenty of creepy bits and big battles to go along with it. Comedic banter is fine and helps establish character as well as provide balance, but the less cartoony the episodes feel, the better they are just in terms of quality. Even though I know that it’s a battle that was already lost decades ago, I still feel it is worth mentioning. This early on, I can also pretend that there’s a chance that the show will stay like this as opposed to putting more emphasis on Slimer and general goofiness.

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