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  • I don't think we've ever seen him this callous before

    • by David Finniss


      This episode picks up where “Doomsday” left off, with the Doctor discovering a mysterious woman onboard the TARDIS just as he laments the loss of Rose. We see the woman at her wedding before she vanishes after being bathed in a mysterious glow.

      Throughout the episode, we learn her backstory and get an explanation for what brought her to the TARDIS.

      Much like “The Christmas Invasion” this special acts as a bridge between the two seasons. It feels very much like a spiritual successor to the prior one as they are both rather similar. Both take place around Christmas and feature an invasion from an extra-terrestrial race. While I had some complaints about “The Christmas Invasion”, I liked it better than

      this one as it was just a stronger episode overall.

      I honestly hated Donna at first. Her character is abrasive and generally unpleasant. I guess they were trying to make a contrast between her and the more compassionate and amicable Rose, but it made the episode difficult to watch. I’ll grant you, she gets a bit more sympathetic in the latter act, but it was a tough sell to be honest.

      In addition to plot similarities, there were a lot of callbacks to the previous special. Once again, we saw the robot santas and another Christmas tree is brought to homicidal life. It was a nice touch. There were callbacks to other episodes as well, which always helps maintain ...

      • continuity.

        The Racnoss was an..interesting villain. The Doctor says in his exposition dump that they consume everything, evidently that includes the scenery as that woman chomped on it like there was no tomorrow. It really has to be seen to be believed.

        I’ve read that recent companions act as a humanizing force for the Doctor and for the first time, we see why such an influence is necessary. I don’t think we’ve ever seen him this callous before. Yeah, he gave her a chance to back out, but still, it was pretty unnerving.

        I was worried that the writers were trying to rehash Rose’s backstory as Donna’s life had many similarities, mostly as far as romantic interests go. Lance felt like

        a poor man’s Mickey, but the plot subverts that idea later on.

        On a random note, I kind of had to admire that the Racnoss queen managed to show some compassion and gave Lance some karmic justice for being rude. Even though she’s an omnicidal predator, she still had some odd sense of honor.

        The story ends with the day being saved, but Donna decides to pass on the opportunity to travel, subverting the idea that she is going to go along as willingly as Rose did.

        The episode managed to overcome it’s shortcomings and become a pretty enjoyable episode. I had misgivings about it, but all in all, it was a solid hour of television and a decent start to the show’s third season.

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