Slender Billed Cockatoo
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  • A few things to consider before buying this species however is cost, lifespan and your lifestyle

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      Slender billed cockatoos are a rare species of parrot that not many individuals have heard about or seen in their local pet store. When individuals are looking into buying a bird, usually their main concerns are temperament, lifespan, noise level and how the bird will fit in with their life style. Many people end up getting interested in cockatoos because they have a reputation of being cuddly, cute and live over 50 years. What they find out once researching various cockatoo species is that although they are cuddly and sweet in the beginning they may turn into screaming, raging hormonal nightmares when they reach

      maturity at the age of two. Many people get discouraged by this and end up not buying a bird at all because their heart was set on the cockatoo, what these people don’t know is that there is another option, the Slender billed cockatoo.

      Slender billed cockatoos are the most manageable of the medium to large sized cockatoos. They are mostly white with the exception of an orange-pink upper breast and around their eyes. Their mandible is much more elongated than the average cockatoo. Slender bills have a short square tail and a very tiny funny looking crest, and an un-feathered eye ring.

      • They These birds are quiet, cuddly, sweet birds that do not go through terrible hormonal phases like other cockatoos. They have incredible mimicking abilities and can learn many words and phrases. Also they have the affectionate personality that most animal lovers yearn for. I personally own a Slender billed cockatoo and each time I walk in the room I am greeted by a phrase or a “hello” and he immediately comes near the bars of the cage with his head bent down waiting for me to pet his head. These are extremely affectionate birds.

        A few things to consider before buying this species

        however is cost, lifespan and your lifestyle. So before purchasing ask yourself if you are able to afford anywhere from $1,000 to $2,100 on the bird itself and be able to pay for food, avian checkups, a large cage and toys. Then remember that this species has the capability of living over 50 years so ask yourself if you can take on this commitment for that long and if your current lifestyle and future lifestyle will be able to accommodate to the bird. If you are looking for an affectionate, docile bird with great mimicking capabilities this is the bird for you.

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