Texas Roadhouse Road Kill Steak at Kirkwood, MO
1220 South Kirkwood Rd, Kirkwood, MO 63122

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      I don’t know what I was thinking ordering something that was named “Road Kill”. I didn’t think twice about the meaning of that phrase until I saw what it was with my own eyes. Perhaps I was enticed by the word “steak” and the affordable price, which was cheaper than their other steaks on the menu. It certainly sounded delicious from the description: 10 ounces of chopped sirloin with sautéed onions and mushroom and top with melted jack cheese. When I read the word “chopped”, I thought it was going to be chunks of meat sautéed with veggies and the cheese melted on top, kind of like a casserole without the starch. This entrée also comes with two sides and

      there were plenty of choices to choose from; I decided on the Caesar salad and sweet potato.

      Let’s define what “road kill” means, shall we? It’s one of those unfortunate experiences behind the wheel of a car when you inadvertently and unintentionally run over an animal. The compression force generated from 1000 to 2000 pound vehicle literally pancakes a 3D animal to a 1/2-inch patty of flesh and fur on the pavement. Now, subtract the fur and add onions, mushrooms and cheese and you have Texas Roadhouse Road Kill Steak. I apologize for the morbid imagery but it’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw the entrée. First of all, this wasn’t “chopped” sirloin; it was 10 ounces ...

      • of ground beef that they formed into a tennis ball, threw it on the grill, and squashed like a tomato. On top of this enormous patty, there were plenty of greasy onions and mushrooms (hence, the word “smothered” on the menu). The jack cheese was melted well on top but did little to make the steak more appetizing in appearance. The portion size was big; I would say it was enough to grease up at least 2 stomachs with cholesterol and saturated fat. It was so greasy that it probably would slide easily down your esophagus without effort. It had enough fat for flavor but did it have enough seasoning? No, it didn’t; I just taste grease, salt and
        meat. The meat was bland and the salt had not incorporated well into it. The onions and mushrooms were too greasy to enjoy its natural flavors.

        The sides were acceptably okay. You can’t mess up a simple Caesar salad: it’s just chopped up romaine lettuce and maybe croutons (this one didn’t have any). The sweet potato was boiled and a little too soft; whatever nutrients probably leeched out into the water it was boiling in. Overall, this was not a satisfying meal because I couldn’t finish it. It was too greasy, too cooked, and just too weird to look at after assessing the word “road kill”. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with high cholesterol and/or blood pressure problems.

    Janet says :

    re : When I read the word “chopped”, I thought it was going to be chunks of meat sautéed with veggies and the cheese melted on top, kind of like a casserole without the starch
    Yes, my son ordered the roadkill last night and was very disappointed to end up with ground beef. It was part of the steak menu and there was no reason to believe it would not be an actual steak. Funny coincidence, he also ordered the Caesar salad and sweet potato. This was in Everett, MA. I just wrote to the restaurant to let them know how disappointed we were. My son has no interest in going back to this restaurant now.

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