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  • I love the more upbeat, adventurous incarnation that plays over the credits now, but this is an interesting variation on what I, as a new viewer, am used to

    • by David Finniss


      So, how do you follow up a very well done two part story where the Doctor takes on the freaking devil? With filler apparently. Yes, this episode is essentially pointless fluff. Heck, even the Doctor and Rose sit out for a majority of this one.

      Instead we follow a young man named Elton, who has a fascination with the Doctor after seeing him as a child. I was unsure of how this would work, but all in all it turned out OK. Elton is easy to connect with, so you can empathize with him, even if he isn’t one of the main characters.

      The story itself is just mediocre. After facing the devil, we’re supposed to be wowed by a mix between

      Fat Bastard and Majin Buu? In fairness, it’s supposed to be more lighthearted, but even the humor mostly falls flat.

      It’s not a horrible waste of time, but one does expect more from this show. It’s just sort of there and doesn’t really bring a lot to the table.

      There are good spots, however. As mentioned before, Elton’s a likeable character and his romance with Ursula was understated and had a subtle dignity. I also hope that they include the old iteration of the theme song as it is rather haunting and almost beautiful. I love the more upbeat, adventurous incarnation that plays over the credits now, but this is an interesting variation on what I, as a new viewer, am used to.

      Continuity fans might get ...

      • a kick out of this episode as there are several callbacks, the use of the old theme being just one of them. There are nods to previous episodes (sadly, we don’t see Eccleston outside of the back of his head), shout outs to story arcs (Bad Wolf virus, Torchwood, and even a reference to The Master), and the Slitheen get mentioned by Rose at one point in the episode.

        As far as the story arc goes, all we really get is an ominous line from Elton about the fate of anyone who the Doctor interacts with, name dropping both Rose and Jackie. It is a subtle nod to the prediction that Satan made in the previous episode regarding Rose’s fate.

        While I didn’t

        really enjoy the episode (especially in comparison to previous eps), I can’t fault them for trying something new. I read that “The Zeppo” from Buffy was an influence on this, but where that episode managed to work, this one doesn’t.

        Could it have been worse? Probably, but this is still a relative low point. Now, normally, I’d have high hopes for the next episode, but from what I’ve read, the next episode is one of the all time lows for the series, so we’re not quite out of the woods yet.

        As we’re coming up to the end of the second season, it will be interesting to see how this all wraps up and what sort of developments will pop up as pre-cursors to next season.

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