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  • This product was one that I bought because it was on sale and I needed a higher strength product for a bad flare up I was having
  • I would recommend it for all users of menthol counter-irritants

    • by reviewabit

      I have had fibromyalgia for many years, and have tried just about every pain relief cream out there at one time or another. Most of the time, the products that work best for me fall into the category of counter-irritants. The counter-irritants contain substances like menthol, that create a warm or cold sensation on the skin wherever they are applied. This essentially tricks the sensory nerves into focusing on the new sensation, which means they send fewer pain signals to the brain. Fewer signals to the brain means less perception of pain by the person using the product.

      For a person with fibromyalgia, the pain is there for no obvious reason. There is no injury, swelling, or inflammation of the tissues. This is confusing, but it is due to a malfunction of the nerves

      or the substances that control them chemically. Therefore, tricking our nerves is one of the only ways to actually target the cause of the pain– whereas with others, it does not treat the cause at all, but does help to relieve them of symptoms.

      This product was one that I bought because it was on sale and I needed a higher strength product for a bad flare up I was having. It has two active ingredients, both counter-irritants. One is menthol, which is contains at 12%. The other ingredient is methyl salicylate, also known as oil of wintergreen.

      It has 17% of that. The two together is a pretty potent combination, although admittedly a common one. Menthol and wintergreen are two of the most common substances used across many brands of pain rubs and ...

      • creams. You may be familiar with the characteristic odor of Ben Gay cream, which has a methyl salicylate base, or Mineral Ice, which has menthol as its star performer.

        How a person’s skin feels the product is often a matter of how their personal nervous system is wired. Some will feel it as a cold sensation, some as heat. There is actually a fine line between how the nerves perceive the two sensations. Most of the time, wintergreen is seen as the “warming” element and menthol as the “cooling” one.

        Since this product has both, I suppose it has both bases covered. To my skin, it feels warm. If you use a lot of the product, it may feel like an “ice burn. ” The important thing is not how you feel

        it, but that you feel it.

        Whatever your nerves decide it feels like, as long as it distracts them from your pain, it works. I put a fairly large amount of this product on my lower legs and lower back. Since I was able to lie down and relax when using the product, I put a warm rice pack on my lower back as well. Within a few minutes, the familiar warm/cold sensation took over, and my pain faded into the background.

        The product does have a strong smell, as most of these types of products do. This one is just as good as most others I have used. It’s not greasy, it feels nice, smells like wintergreen, and gets the job done. I would recommend it for all users of menthol counter-irritants.

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