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  • I love scrubbing the salts on the bikini line
  • This product is so up my alley, and I’ll recommend it for (a) the gals who are looking for a gentle scrub to use on the bikini line, (b) as foot scrub, (c) and everyone who cares for smooth, fabulous skin

    • by jhunie


      I detest certain types of body scrubs, particularly sugar and salt scrubs. I often wonder how one could endure such abrasive scrubs. Sugar scrubs make me wince in pain by rubbing grainy particles against the skin like rocks. The only body scrub I’ve tried that didn’t feel scratchy, thanks to the melting salts in it, is the A Bonne Spa milk salt scrub.

      A Bonne Spa scrubs like refined salt, but gradually melts like milk to condition the skin. The salt scrub buffs skin without overdrying my sometimes flaky elbows and polishes out the spongy texture of my legs. The salt generates abrasive friction to slough off dead skin initially, but what I dig so much about the scrub is that the texture of the salt disappears the longer I scrub it over the body.

      The salt seems to melt away with the slight dampness of the skin after 20 seconds or so. This ensures I don’t end up rubbing the salts too much and for too long. I love scrubbing the salts on the bikini line. This has to be the gentlest scrub that never scratches the sensitive areas of the body. It starts out feeling rough; the abrasiveness abates until gone. After that my skin doesn’t feel badly scratched.

      But, literally, don’t take it like a grain of salt. It’s not your table salt, okay. The salt scrub comes out like white sand, but more refined, almost like fine confectioner’s sugar. I was too smitten by the scrub, because it looked like sugar, instead of salt, that I even tasted it. Yikes! It’s salty indeed. Masking that salty taste is the creamy scent of milk wafting as I pour some of the salt scrub. I was grateful it didn’t smell like something derived from the ocean. This is a dry, rather raw scrub that is not saturated in water. The scrub consists plainly of milk salts – not salted milk, mind you – practically as fine as powder but textured enough to scrub the surface of the skin. If you’re thinking of a body polish, this isn’t mixed with aromatic or essential oils. The scrub is just that – salt.

      The formula features triple whitening (triple in the sense that the formula is gentle enough for the bikini line, armpits, and underarms). I’m a little dubious about that. I’ve been scrubbing my knees for years using different ...

      • A Bonne Spa Milk Salt Scrub
      scrubs, including A Bonne, to lighten dark skin, also the elbows, and not one has helped me attain that goal, yet. Worth taking into account, though, is that the scrub truly rejuvenates the tone of my haggard feet. I use it like a foot scrub as well, and I noted it brightens up the skin on my feet (time to step on comfy flip flops). The salt scrub never caused my skin to become sensitized. St. Ives tends to worsen my backne and gives me oversized zits. Urgh!

      My gripe with this product is the erratic container. Think of it as a bottle containing sand. A tiny hole, for such a large bottle, dispenses the salts. Sometimes it pours too much, and sometimes it pours too little than a pinch of table salt.

      When the contents of the container are full to the brim, it gets very congested and requires some shaking to dispense a fair amount of the salt scrub. Then again even I couldn’t think of a good packaging for it (what, salt and pepper shaker?). On the flip side, the bottle secures the salt scrub from spilling. The product is so full upon purchase; it could last months. This salt scrub is a steal! I’ll save the extra costs on spas or never again and do my own for as low as 3 dollars. This product is so up my alley, and I’ll recommend it for (a) the gals who are looking for a gentle scrub to use on the bikini line, (b) as foot scrub, (c) and everyone who cares for smooth, fabulous skin.

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