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  • It makes for an interesting interaction between the two

    • by David Finniss


      An explosion in the TARDIS causes the crew to make an impromptu stop. The Doctor fears that since they were thrown out of the timestream, that they will be stuck in a void, but Mickey opens the door and finds that they are in London. Of course, the catch is that this is the London of a parallel Earth.

      The Doctor’s announcement that the TARDIS was dead was a bit of a mixed moment. On the one hand, I knew that they were going to find a way to bring it back to life, but it was given the necessary weight. As the TARDIS is alive, it’s not that unlikely for it to die. Rose even asks if it can be fixed and the Doctor points out that there’s nothing to fix. Surprise, surprise, he finds a way to fix it.

      Speaking of which, that plot point didn’t amount to much. It’s only a few minutes into the episode before the Doctor finds a spark of life. You’d think that they’d want to save that card for later

      in either this episode, or the next one, which continues the story started here.

      As it is, the Doctor says that they only need to wait 24 hours before they can go. Despite his warnings not to muck around this parallel Earth, both do exactly that. Both Rose and Mickey intend to go find their family members who passed away on their own world. On the one hand, it’s understandable, but the Doctor’s claim that these aren’t their family members is also true.

      This episode brings back the Cybermen, another recurring foe from the classic series. We don’t get to see much of them, and honestly, I wasn’t blown away. They’re not bad villains, but emotionless robots who want to exterminate all life that doesn’t match them? It sounds like a Dalek knock off, the fact that they exclaim “Delete!” only adds to the comparison.

      As I said, we don’t see them all that much. They only appear in the last few minutes to make the dramatic cliffhanger. While fans of the original series may get a kick out of it, fans ...

      • of the new series will be left befuddled. All we learn is that the Doctor faced them before. Oddly enough, Rose doesn’t recognize them, even though she saw the head of one way back in “Dalek”. Maybe it will come up next episode.

        This episode does have a bit of social commentary as everyone in the alternate Earth wears ear pieces like Bluetooth sets, and have become reliant on them. They get their news, weather updates, and even a joke, from downloads that are downloaded directly into their brains. The Doctor, who is known for his advanced tech, decries what’s happened here, but luckily, the script doesn’t got out of its way to beat the idea over our heads.

        Mickey’s getting a bit of character development. Not only do we get a bit more of his backstory, but we see that he still resents the Doctor to a certain degree as well as the bond that he has with Rose. He manages to use it to his advantage here, but you can tell he doesn’t like it. His belief that he’s

        “the tin dog” of the group is still present as the Doctor tells him to hold a button on the TARDIS and then forgets about him for half an hour.

        With a story involving a parallel Earth, of course, one of the characters had to meet their doppelganger. Rose didn’t have one, so Mickey gets to be the lucky winner. Not surprisingly, the alternate Mickey (Ricky actually) is Mickey’s opposite, strong willed, angry, and aggressive. It makes for an interesting interaction between the two.

        This episode’s largely set up, but it hits the points it needs to. The cliffhanger was pretty well done. The fact that the Doctor’s pleas of surrender fell on deaf ears shows that these Cybermen are different from ones that may’ve been seen in earlier episodes. It also makes for a grim cliffhanger as there doesn’t seem to be a way out. Hopefully, the second part will give these villains a better chance to shine. At the very least, it should be on the more exhilerating side as we got all of the exposition out of the way.

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