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  • It is here that Rose learns that Cassandra, the last human has survived and she's none too happy about being killed

    • by David Finniss


      After saying her heartfelt goodbyes to Mickey and her mother, Rose departs again with the Doctor to continue their travels. When asked where they’re going, the Doctor simply says that they will be going farther than they ever have before.

      They once again travel five billion years in the future, to a point where the Earth has already been destroyed, but a new planet was populated to act as a successor. While the timeline doesn’t sync up at all, I couldn’t help but think of “Futurama” when the Doctor talked about “New New York”. Seeing as it’s mentioned on the episode’s wikipedia page, I’m not the only one who caught that.

      The duo are brought to a hospital and are soon separated. It is here that Rose learns that Cassandra, “the last human” has survived and she’s none too happy about being killed. Her presence in this episode, as well as appearances from the Face of Boe really solidify this as a “sequel” episode to “The End of the World”. Rose even alludes to the previous adventure, citing it as “their first date”.

      Interestingly enough, while Cassandra

      is hardly a hero in this episode, she is not the episode’s primary villain. While she does manage to hijack Rose’s body, the real threat comes when it’s revealed that the hospital is harvesting clones to use as medical guinea pigs.

      It’s a similar concept to “The Island”, but where that movie decided to forego any kind of moral ambiguity, this one embraces it. While the Doctor is justified in his outrage, the cat-nurses are shown to be sincere in their desire to help people and considering that they managed to cure every disease (even ones that the Doctor notes aren’t curable) there is a definite argument to be made for the ends justifying the means.

      The climax of the episode was very reminiscent of zombie attacks. You saw hordes of diseased, shambling, people lurching towards the heros and no matter where they went, there were crowds of them waiting. It was a nice touch and it fit within the confines of the story.

      It was good to see Tennant in action for the entire run of the episode. While there’s still a bit of an adjustment period ...

      • regarding this new Doctor, this episode did a lot more good in helping viewers than the last one did as we got to see how he acts in both casual and tense situations.

        I wasn’t exactly clamoring for Cassandra to make another appearance. Her one stint as villain of the week was fine, but the writers managed to flesh her out a bit more. She actually develops quite a bit of depth as we see her confront her own mortality. Her final scene in the episode was surprisingly poignant.

        It was refreshing to get back to alien worlds. Ok, technically, it was still Earth, but it was different enough from the Earth we’re familiar with that it might as well be an alien world. Many have pointed out that the TARDIS can travel through both time and space, and yet a majority of the episodes take place here on our home planet. While having some Earth centered stories are fine, it’s nice to see that the writers are attempting to balance it out to really embrace the creative freedom that this franchise allows.

        This was a decent episode.

        It wasn’t mind blowing, but it more or less delivered. There were comedic bits peppered throughout to keep it light and the fact that the one instance where a character is tempted to use profanity is cut short (by a similarly sounding word no less) shows that they are trying to keep it family friendly.

        I do have to give credit to Billie Piper for doing a solid job of playing both Rose and the Cassandra possessed Rose. The Cassandra possessed Doctor was rather amusing, but that was only a quick scene where Rose’s possession goes on for a majority of the episode.

        While it doesn’t amount to a season long arc, the Doctor does receive an ominous message from the Face of Boe who tells him that the message can wait until their third and final meeting. Even the Doctor points out that his statement is the definition of enigmatic. Beyond that, if they are planning some sort of new arc, it hasn’t started yet. That may not necessarily be a bad thing as the episodic nature allows new viewers to jump in without feeling intimidated.

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