Silka Whitening Herbal Soap
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  • Anyway, I bought this soap when I had my trip out of town

    • by Lynn M. A.

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      I have been using different brands of bath soaps. I always experiment for soaps that would best suit my needs. I have used a lot of bath soaps from whitening, to moisturizing or even anti-aging bars. Anyway, this time my review is on the cheapest whitening soap that I have ever purchased. This is Silka Whitening Herbal Soap. This soap is enriched with papaya enzyme that eliminates dead skin cells. It also contains Vitamin E to make the skin soft and smooth. It

      has a pleasant fruity smell. It has a lingering smell of sweet papaya. Papayas are known for skin whitening. Moving on, its price is around PhP13-15 (Philippine Peso) or much less than a dollar. It can be purchased even in small retail outlets.

      Anyway, I bought this soap when I had my trip out of town. I forgot to bring my favorite body soap. I purchased it from a nearest store. It was very cheap. The first time I used it, I felt ...

      • refreshed and totally clean. I never experienced any skin irritations or blemishes. I could easily rinse it off. Its smell was not that overpowering. I like its papaya content. When I got back home, I still used it for almost a month. I noticed a fairer and smoother skin. However, I had to apply lotion after shower since it kept my skin drier. There is nothing much remarkable with soap except that it is a cheap whitening soap with a good quality. There
        are better whitening soaps but much more expensive. This one is a good purchase if you opt for cheaper body whitening soaps.

        All in all, I guess Silka Whitening Herbal Soap is really good. It is cheaper and its whitening quality is really effective. Up until now, I still use it from time to time especially if my favorite body soap is not available in the store. Just put extra lotion on your body after shower so you won’t have a dry skin like mine.

    Shahi says :

    Hi,am shahi. I started to use silka whitening herbal soap. I have dry skin with dark complexion.i feel my skin becoming lighter and fairer.could u suggest me whether this soap is good fr my skin? If s shall i use this twice daily regularly
    Galega says :

    Silica Whitening Soap can be used on all types of skin, including sensitive and dry skins. You can definitely use it.
    gian says :

    galega, i am now using silka papaya whitening like for 1 week.. but when i use it in the morning for bathing i end up redish after the day end and kinda like slighly burn in my skin, and yes i go out with a sunny weather even with a jacket and an umbrella. does this soap or every whitening soap makes my skin sensitive to sunlight? i can’t even use silka in the morning before going out..
    Galega says :

    Yes, it can make your skin sensitive to the sunlight. You have two options. Either use a good sunscreen cream while going out in the Sun exposure, or discontinue using it.
    love me says :

    This product didn’t work on me.. I grew pimples all over my face… Now I am ashamed to go to malls or at school.. I feel ashamed when people ask me what happened to me. They won’t even buy my reason.. How can I solve this problem?? You manufactured this.. I believed in you product, now I don’t anymore.. Good luck anyway
    Galega says :

    Whitening soap can be quite harsh for fresh skin. It is because of this fact that whitening products are rarely advised to be used by teenagers. Further, users should always go for patch test before using it.

    That might have happened with you. There might be some allergic reaction. Or, it is also possible that pimple breakouts are just a coincidence.

    In any case, I would suggest you to use a good anti pimple cream and face wash. Search a suitable one for your kind of skin. Discontinue using Silka Whitening Soap, for the moment.
    Elyza Alama says :

    re : Anyway, I bought this soap when I had my trip out of town
    I’ve been using silka since 3-4 years from now. Way back then, i was very very very tan. I was close to black but since i was only in my elementary days, i didn’t bother but when I stepped on my highschool years, i started becoming conscious. My first try was in my 2nd year high school. I tried it only on my face and after i dried my face using a towel. It felt clean, smooth, and when i looked at the mirror, my skin turned fairer. I know this sounds impossible, but yeah, everytime I used Silka, my face will become fairer right after but temporarily. I just love its scent and how the way it acted upon my skin. I continued using it until 3rd year highschool, somehow, my neighbours commented ghat I became fairer lol. I was so happy. Despite of having pimples on my 2nd year highschool christmas break, i still didnt stop using it. Until my 3rd year, i tarted using the white one. I love love love its scent and its effect. But i love the orange one way better. My pimples are rarely coming out and my skin was fair :) and now i stopped using silka to try another soaps but i end up regretting, i end up getting dark (but not so) and having an ance breakdown which I didnt experienced when im using silka, but nevertheless ive been using this soap for almost a month, i use two soaps alternate top-gel and likas but i use likas more. I love the effects of top-gel and i dont like the likas. Maybe ill go back to silka after i consumed 2 bars of top-gel and likas :) ill give 4 stars out of 5 on Silka 3 you can email me to see the before and after pics (
    Jaseem says :

    Send photos before after
    ashny says :

    Can u please sent my piks so that I would love to buy silka soap. I have a dark skin too
    Marlayna says :

    Would you be able to send the before and after pics to me?
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