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  • I went to little Cesar's to buy some pizza when I decided to go into the Kroger that was in the parking lot next to it, to buy a few items that they had advertised as specials
  • When I got to the check out I found out that I needed a Kroger Plus Shopper's Card to get the discounted price on my groceries

    • by sadonna

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      It started out as a normal Thursday where I drove my husband to work then went shopping for groceries. I went to little Cesar’s to buy some pizza when I decided to go into the Kroger that was in the parking lot next to it, to buy a few items that they had advertised as specials.

      When I got to the check out I found out that I needed a Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card to get the

      discounted price on my groceries.

      So I filled out an application in just a couple of minutes and received my card right there on the spot.

      That’s when the cashier began to inform me to be sure to swipe the card when I pay for my gas and I can get three cents off per gallon for any fill up at their station.

      I could not believe you did not have to put money on the card ...

      • to get a discount like with the Wal-Mart cards.

        The cashier also told me if you buy a $100 worth of groceries in a month you can get ten cents off each gallon for one fill up.

        With the price of gas getting closer and closer to three dollars a gallon ten cents off of a 15 gallon fill up sounds really good.

        Especially when it’s for doing something I would normally do anyways, like buy groceries.

        So from now on I will be buying my gas at Kroger instead of Wal-Mart.

        Oh yea I also discovered they were a few cents cheaper than Wal-Mart most of time, then if I swipe my card and get an additional three cents off it’s like an added bonus.

        The only down side was that it took me two tries to get my card scanned at the pump to get my discount.

        Overall it was well worth it.

    teretha wooden says :

    i relocated to a city that did not have a kroger store. lived there for almost 3 years, then moved to a state that has a kroger. having not used my kroger plus shoppers card for that lenghth of time, i needed to know if i can still use my card or get another one? change address?
    sadonna replies :

    The old Kroger card should work but your information will will be connected to your old address unless you update your information with the store but it is not really important that you update the information.
    Anthony L. Tucker says :

    I signed up for a Kroger Plus Shopper`s Card in a different county here in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. This was several years ago and have moved since I signed up for the card. A friend mentioned to me about getting coupons for Kroger in the mail which I don`t receive. I have tried going on the website listed on the Kroger card but I am having no luck being able to update my address. How do I do this? Please help, a dedicated Kroger`s Shopper.
    sadonna replies :

    If you go to you can either start a new account to link your Kroger card to or just sign in if you have one already. Once you get on their site you need to go to the account settings and you can change your address, your preferred store, card number if needed or any other information from there. I know they allow you to download coupons linked to your Kroger card so you do not need to carry the coupon with you but you get credit when you check out if it is linked to your card and some stores will mail or email you coupons. So good luck.
    carlashaw/mills says :

    I would like my last name changed on my kroger plus card,to my marryed name thank you
    sadonna replies :

    If you go to the site you can change your personal information there by going to the my account button.
    Janet Reeve says :

    How can I change from my husband`s name on my card? He has passed away. I would like to apply for a card in my own name.
    sadonna replies :

    Go to the website click on the (my account) it is an orange button at the top of the screen. Then click on contact information and when you click on edit you can then change your name, street address, and phone number information.
    mary a, farraday says :

    Can Kroger please update my address and phone number for my kroger plus shopper`s card. I been a member for nine years and today I was shopping and did not have my card. The cashier said to use my phone number and I have not updated that information for nine years. Could you please update my account for card number 426143577191 Address 7938 Branch Dr. Brighton, Michigan 48116 Phone 248 -568-0757
    sadonna replies :

    On the site you can access your personal information under (my account)then you would click on contact information and the edit button to change the personal information such as name, street address and phone number.
    Robert says :

    What percentage of kroger shoppers actually use the card? I`ve read a few different things claiming that the price card doesn`t really get you much of a savings. I would therefore like to know what the public in general thinks. Thanks, bob
    Darren says :

    I would say quite a few. There prices are so expensive that if you don’t use your Kroger card, then your paying very high prices on items that could be found much cheaper at wal- mart.
    dave says :

    i have an 18 gallon tank-with 10 off per gallon thats a 1.80 get that buck-eighty savings you spend 100 in kroger purchases.i can save more than a buck-eighty in gas by taking that 100 bucks and going to dollar general and walmart for most of my stuff.i buy meat at a butcher shop.just sayin`…………………………
    Diana Hobbs says :

    I have a new address. My old address was 3237 McKinley Ave Lot 40 Columbus, Ohio 43204 My new address is 3245 Sullivant Ave Apt45D Columbus Ohio 43204 I haven`t received any Personalized Kroger coupons for Sooooooooo long. I`m quite upset about this because I made this change of address 4 months ago. Please send me my Coupons via Regular mail. Thanks Diana Hobbs
    sadonna replies :

    I think you can use the one you have already. So what I recommend is try it and if it does not work then ask for a new one. After all they are free. I have never used the kroger plus shopper`s card in a different state but I have used the mvp card for Food Lion in a different state and had no trouble with it working for a discount. They seem to be simular so give it a try.
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