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  • It is not intended as a meal replacement I think
  • But that amount of calories will definitely give you some serious pounds
  • I highly recommend this product to my fellow hard-gainers

    • by Blindedfox

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      Fact. Many people here in the Philippines are afraid of health supplements that targets body-builders and athletes. Many Filipinos shy away from these products because of the steroid-fear that broke out about more than a decade ago. I admit I was one of them before. I am scared of using these products because of the rumored side-effects they cause.

      Fact. I am a 27-year old guy. I am working as s system developer for around 6 years. And if you see me, you won’t believe me if I told you that I’m 27. You’ll probably think I’m just a fresh graduate from some university. Yes, I am underweight. I do eat a lot, but it seems like my metabolism is always on hyper-mode that it makes gaining weight so hard.

      With fingers-crossed (and my health insurance checked), I opted to try this Megamass 3000 weight-gain supplement. Just the name itself is pretty

      scary. And the logo of the body-builder on the packaging didn’t help at all. I did some previous research on the net for the most effective weight-gain supplement in the market today, and this product always comes as the top choice for people like me who were desperate to gain weight. So, I went to a local health store and bought a 9-pound jar of this famous Megamass 3000 with my savings (or whats left of it). And to this day, I did not regret it.

      Megamass 3000 is mainly composed of proteins and other ingredients that give more calories. When put together and mixed with full-cream milk, a serving is an equivalent of 1-2 meals! My God. That’s eating twice your meal size, only, you are drinking it. You can use water to mix the powder, but milk is really recommended for it adds more calories to what you’ll be drinking.

      • And it tastes better too! Add a banana and you’ll love it!

        As the label on the side says, a full serving of Megamass 3000 contains like almost 2000+ calories. That’s adding to your normal meal. It is not intended as a meal replacement I think. But that amount of calories will definitely give you some serious pounds!

        Then I saw the serving size. If I follow whats written in the label, its like filling a glass to 3/4 with the powder, then adding the milk, then blending it. So, the consistency will be so thick that its more like swallowing a coarse mixture of stuff. So what I did was I divided the recommended full serving into three parts. That way, I still follow the recommended volume of intake.

        Then it paid off. I gained like 4 kilos by taking Megamass 3000. I know it isn’t much, but for a hard-gainer like

        me, that definitely is a lot! I am still not reaching my recommended weight based on BMI (Body Mass Index) but I am slowly getting there. Hopefully, by December 2011, I will have a normal weight just like any other 27-year old.

        I highly recommend this product to my fellow hard-gainers. This will surely increase your weight, and it tastes great too! The price for this here in the Philippines is quite cheap also. I bought my 9-pound jar for Php 2,100.00. That is roughly around $48.00. It is definitely worth every cent. Try it today and you’ll gain weight in no time! (Of course, proper diet and exercise will boost your gain. Do these while on Megamass 3000 and you’ll have better results than me.)

        I rate this product 10. Why? Because it gave me what I was hoping for in many years. It definetly left me satisfied and happy. Get yours today!

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