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  • I found out a few things about the Archos 43 IT and I am very satisfied with it
  • I found some clear advantages, but also some disadvantages as well
  • Therefore, the Opera browser quickly and easily gets rid of this problem
  • I find that the main disadvantage would be how it is built

    • by MisterTickle


      The Archos 43 Internet Tablet is one of the smaller tablets available. Tablets are usually 7 inch to 10 inch. The Archos 43 IT is probably the only tablet that has an 4.3 inch screen. I got this tablet for $199.99. I am a fan of Archos products. This is mainly because their products have lower prices compared to competitors. However, they are actually well made and not some cheap no brand fake tablet.

      I chose the Archos 43 IT mainly because it is small, but with the same performance. I found out a few things about the Archos 43 IT and I am very satisfied with it. I found some clear advantages, but also some disadvantages as well. To start off with, here is a specifications overview. The Archos 43 Internet Tablet has 16 GB of internal storage. This storage can be used to store photos, songs, or movies. The screen is resistive screen so some games and applications are unavailable. I will explain why in a little bit. It comes with a cmaera lens capable of capturing photos and videos in high definition (HD).

      To start off with, I will give my opinion on

      the overall performance and then I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages. To start off with, the Android browser is one of the fastest browsers available. It certainly beats the browser in the iOS interface. I know this from a statistic sheet I found online by researchers. However, I installed the Opera browser because I find that the default browser’s page scrolling is not that sensitive. Since the screen size is much smaller, the web page length is longer. I find that once I reach the bottom of the web page, it takes ages to scroll back to the top of the page. Therefore, the Opera browser quickly and easily gets rid of this problem. Music and video playback is great. There’s an internal speaker where I can use to listen to music or watch movies. I have the option of using ear buds or use the speaker. I find that the sound isn’t very loud when it comes to playing movies. For movies, I have to use ear buds.

      In terms of the exterior design, Archos is well built. The Archos 43 IT is equipped with a microphone so it can be

      used as a phone or VoIP conversations. However, I did notice that the structure and casing needs some work. When I squeeze the middle of the Archos, I can hear this sound which sounds like the Archos is going to break off into two separate pieces. I can also see the screen (top part) moving. This kind of gets me worried a little as I have to be very very gentle with it in order to not move it at all.

      The Archos has a very very clear advantage. It can support VoIP calling. This is very very useful and can replace a home phone. Seriously, IT CAN!!! Here’s how it works: The Archos 43 IT does not come with any 3G connection, so wireless carriers do not have a reason to steal money from your wallet. Therefore, you cannot use the Archos as a cell phone and call people outdoors unless you find a Wireless hotspot. However, it is very useful indoors. I have a wireless network in my house so I can easily add the Archos 43 IT to my network. Then, I download an VoIP application. I have downloaded both Fring and ...

      • Archos 43 Internet Tablet
      Tribair. Fring claims that they are the most popular, but there are problems with Fring such as poor audio quality. Instead, I just use Tribair. I don’t bother with skype as skype is still a bit too expensive. Tribair is truly the cheapest so just go with Tribair. Basically, whenever I am at home, I just turn the Archos 43 IT on and then I open up the Tribair application. This drains the battery, but the good thing is that the Archos can still operate even when it is charging. I can plug the cord into the Archos 43 IT, let it charge at the same time while using the Archos in “phone mode”. When I am outdoors, I just use it more as a media tablet so I would play some games such as Angry Birds and watch videos. This is the other advantage with the Archos. The Archos 43 IT uses Android so a lot of applications are FREE! For example, Angry Birds on the iPod Touch requires you to pay $0.99 for the download. On the Android, I can download it for free. This is the clear advantage of the Android
      over the iOS.

      I find that the main disadvantage would be how it is built. When I push down a bit hard, it feels like that the Archos 43 IT is going to split open. The other problem is the battery life. The Archos battery life is very short. For example, I charged the Archos to full and then played half an hour of Angry Birds. Suddenly, the battery drained by 20% so from 100% it changed to 80%. The battery drains insanely fast so I find this a clear disadvantage. The other disadvantage is the resistive screen. This means that no multi-touch is available so there will be application limitations.

      Overall, I am very satisfied with this product. Although it has a poor battery life, it is saving my a lot of money by ditching my home phone and using VoIP. I pay 0.2 cents per minute and it is a flat rate. This means that I pay $0.002 per minute if you convert it. This is less than 1 cent per minute or even half a cent per minute. I find this a great deal, especially when I talk for a fair amount.

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