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  • They were prompt to fix problems, and also followed up with me to ensure the issue was resolved
  • They seem to focus much more on ensuring the customer is pleased than ever before, and coverage is perhaps the best it has been

    • by CM Seville

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      With various choices available to Americans on cellular service, and the expanding growth of the industry more so than ever, it is necessary to find the right carrier that fulfills your individual needs. I recently embarked on a quest to try out the larger, nationwide carriers and give my opinion on: customer service, device choices, general coverage, and overall impression. My first chosen carrier was AT&T Wireless, specifically an iPhone 4. Now, this isn’t a review of the device, strictly the carrier.

      AT&T Wireless is notoriously low marked for customer service in Consumer Reports, but for a reason I can’t quite fathom. Out of all carriers I tried, AT&T Wireless will more than happily refund charges on statements with a few nice words, comparing to Verizon Wireless’ almost Scrooge-like demeanor towards bill credits. I also received positive respect and support the times I contacted them regarding my bill and issues with

      my device. They were prompt to fix problems, and also followed up with me to ensure the issue was resolved. I give AT&T Wireless a solid 5 out of 5, considering I honestly had 0 issues.

      Another major “accessory” in the 21st century are cell phones, particularly the rapidly expanding smartphone market. With so many Android choices, Apple’s iPhone series, Window’s Phone 7 series and BlackBerry’s series, it can be a little difficult to chose exactly which carrier to go with. Depending on your preferred platform (smartphone, feature phone, etc) there is a lot of choice available to consumers. AT&T Wireless was the first carrier to have the iPhone, and it’s strong suits shine through wonderfully on AT&T’s network. However they also have quite a range of powerful BlackBerry devices, and a few Android models to choose from (far less than Sprint or Verizon Wireless). They also have the odd Windows ...

      • Phone 7 as well. With such a wide variety, yet less so in both Android and WP7, I give AT&T Wireless a 4 out of 5 for device choices. You’d be hard pressed not to find a phone that you didn’t like.

        The biggest part of choosing any cell service is of course the service coverage and how it stacks up for you. I had great AT&T coverage in my area, a relatively solid 4-5 bars on 3G with an iPhone 4 and thus had no problems using any high speed mobile internet. I did not run a speed test, but I do know it would load a 4 minute long YouTube video in just a few seconds on 3G. Of course, any carriers coverage does vary by location. And do note that AT&T uses GSM services which utilize SIM and microSIM cards, like T-Mobile, instead of the classic CDMA setup

        like Sprint and Verizon. GSM services also can vastly vary based on surroundings (mountains, valleys, etc) as the signal travels differently. Considering I had great coverage around my home and a relatively good signal in my travels between 4 states, I rate AT&T Wireless’s coverage at a 4 out of 5.

        My overall impression of AT&T is that they are undergoing various large changes, with the possible buying of T-Mobile, the company itself is going through many changes and revisions. They seem to focus much more on ensuring the customer is pleased than ever before, and coverage is perhaps the best it has been. If you like a wide range of different cell phones, relatively good coverage area, and generally helpful customer service, give them a try. I used them for the 30 days they allot for new customers and loved it. My final score for AT&T Wireless is an 8 out of 10.

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    Mrs. Johnson says :

    I’ve been an AT T customer for about 8 years now. My favorite thing about them is how you can select from a number of free devices upon starting a new 2 year contract. While the selection is not the newest, it is still pretty good. In 2011 I got my iPhone 3GS for free at the start of my contract, and in 2013 I opted for the iPhone 4s. While I have no complaints about the quality of service or billing, I must say they are a bit overpriced. Datashare is a good plan if you have a couple phones on your contract. I wish they had lower rates and options for talk and text. Considering the limitations of not being able to customize an affordable monthly plan, I may be switching carriers when my contract renewal comes around next month. You do get what you pay for though. You pay a lot and its a good carrier
    Rosalyn says :

    I have been an AT T customer for around 5 years and am rather indifferent. I have both positive and negative things to say. Whenever I go into an AT T location I am given great customer service. There is always someone there to assist me. The problem is that it usually takes forever because there are so many people who also need assistance. I’m glad that they will put you on a waiting list because that makes the whole deal fair. As far as the actual service goes, my family has been on an “unlimited text and talk” plan for a few years and we are still charged when we go over data limits. Many times, none of our phones show that we have used that much data. It feels like AT T is cheating us out of our money and then asking for more. I am really torn because I don’t know if I should try a different resource or not.
    Alia Riley says :

    re : They were prompt to fix problems, and also followed up with me to ensure the issue was resolved
    I disagree because I have had to wait three whole business days for a problem with texting on my smartphone to be fixed. They said they were having network issues and I had to talk to three different people to get the problem properly addressed. It’s pretty annoying having to answer the same questions over and over again. After they found out what was wrong, they gave me a code and told me to call back if the problem goes unfixed for a week. Really? Within a couple of days I could receive messages again, but no one called to follow up with me or offered to reimburse my money for the days I went without texting.
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