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      I saw this ad on TV - Gloxi Height Enhancer. They come in tiny bottles which you’re supposed to drink twice a day. They claim that if you religiously drink this, you’ll grow taller effortlessly. They claim that you’d grow a minimum of 3 inches in like a few months of drinking Gloxi. It really sounded too good to be true! It’s quite expensive though, and it would eat your pocket up without giving you the promised satisfaction.

      I bought it

      although it was painful for me to pay for it as I was desperate to grow some inches. I religiously drank it twice a day, everyday after meals. I made sure I really got enough sleep. That taste is alright. It’s kind of sweet, tastes a little like juice. I also used the cream that come along with it. The cream is icky and when you use it, the room is gonna smell like vegetables. It’s quite soothing though. After the first month of drinking it, I’m not quite sure if I grew any taller but no one ever complimented me that I did, so I guess not. I inquired about the product and they told me that I should drink it for like 3 months in order before the results will start showing. So, out of faith (and desperation) I bought another box (for another month), payed for it again and drank it as I was instructed. I was ...
      • Gloxi Height Enhancer
      also eating a lot because I didn’t want my diet to be in the way of Gloxi working on me.

      In the end, I probably grew an inch taller. I drank Gloxi for 3 months and this is all I get. I’m not even sure if it was because of Gloxi or is it because I ate a lot and slept a lot. I also gained a lot of weight which is really awful and made me really hate Gloxi. For short, it’s not worth it. I spent way too much money for it just to discover that it’s a scam. The ads they show on TV are obviously fake since there are a bunch of bad actos in it. I just fell for it because I really wanted to look at it as a hope for me to grow taller. I hope people thinking of buying this product would not believe it although it looks and sounds appealing. It’s not magic, it’s fake.

Jake Pua says :

Where was this made?
Galega says :

This is manufactured in the Philippines. It is also primarily marketed in the Philippines.
onetwelve112 says :

this is made in China not the Philippines.
Ediel Sendin says :

Philippines ? ahahah I think your trying to degrade the product .. :D I saw the video ad and saw that this is made in japan not Philippines? ahahahaha that’s not a good ..
Divine says :

Omg. Dont believe that it was in the Philippines.. that man who said that it was from Philippines is a liar.. so that means this products is a scam because they dont want to know where this came from…

All i can say is… its not from philippines or made in philippines…. period

What degrade the product? If it’s made in Japan, then it’s made in Japan. IT DOESN’T EVEN WORK IN THE FIRST PLACE. WELL, MAYBE, IT DOES. A LITTLE. Choose your words right.
alexander says :

in olongapo. where can i buy?
Kate says :

What you say is what you are…
Do have some respct…
Not bc someone say it is made in phil it is not good…
Well the product is not manufactured nor made in phil..
Gloxi is not a phil product..
You just disrespect my beloved country…
Cly says :

Hi Im already 17. My brother was taller than me and i feel uncorfotable with that becoz of people around us. I want to take gloxi, i need some suggestions if i take or not. Becoz i dont know if gloxi is effective in enchance my height
shahid says :

is there any branch of gloxi in Pakistan ?
Aina says :

Im planning to try gloxi but after reading this im not sure about it. Do gloxi really works?
Annika says :

WTF. To be honest it’s official store is only in philippines. Just get information from google. It’s made in philippines, and also they act like they’re trying to make you believe
Galega says :

You can try it for few days and see if makes any difference or not. Please be aware that there is no guarantee that Gloxi will work for you. It just stimulates HGH hormone which is not the only factor behind height.
Rick says :

It is not made in the Philippines, or Japan, or China. It was developed and made in the usa by a doctor that lives in the state of Wisconsin. Next time the commercial comes on tv look for that info cz it is right there.
Themhar luddani says :

is this realy effective?
Galega says :

It is a product worth trying for a short duration. However, no one can give you a guarantee that it will help you to gain height. It simply can’t interfere in genetic factor which is an important stuff about our height. It just stimulated HGH hormone, which can lead to gain in height to`some users’.
Annika says :

Lol so why the hell it’s only sold in Philipinnes? The official market sells Gloxi is EZ shop which is in Philiiphine idiot
Zee Robin says :

its not from the phillipines you idiot.
Rnemo says :

The product was conceived in the USA, produced in Japan and mainly distributed in Phils. Why, because it is a market of smaller/shorter people that trust anything and anyone that gives them hope. The product is not found in any stores in the USA because 1 it is not approved by our FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and the product does not work The company would be sued for false advertising if they distributed in USA. What you have to understand is major growth happens naturally for every human being between ages of 11 and 17. After that the bones reach their maximum limits. Your genes primarily dictate your height. Look at your parents and family around you, if you gain a few inches more than them naturally, then count your blessings, it was for free The other factor to look at is, the instructions they tell you to follow to achieve maximum growth: Excerise stretching, 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, healthy diet, no alcohol, drugs or smoking…… Ok, even a midget would grow a couple inches if they followed that routine with the consumption of Gloxi. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, IT’S A DUCK Save your money and buy a gym membership, buy lifts for your shoes, eat more brown rice than white rice and let nature take its course.
From an american white guy who appreciates the Filipino people and their culture.
Anastashia says :

FYI he said it is just MANUFACTURED in the Philippines not made in the Philippines. It is actually made in taiwan.
caues x says :

yeah, walang gamot sa katangan,basabasa rin pag may time.
Clint says :


There’s nothing in the product that stimulates HGH . It only contains natural products. It is only GH itself that can do it. GH is an injectable FDA approved product which can really help you grow. But it has its own indication and has side effects too. How much more for non FDA approved products which did not underwent any trials.
Galega says :

That is a real problem. This is an over the counter product which is categorized as a herbal supplement. Products of this category may be sold without FDA approval. However, they also go to the extent of making tall claims without credible data in advertisement. As for HGH, I think this product can stimulate this hormone. But, there won’t be any guarantee that it will help in increasing heights.
jacklyn espino says :

that is definitely not from the Philippines but it is advertised here in the Philippines. I bought a lot of boxes hoping for a little changes with regards to my height I’m 5′4,after 6 months of taking that gloxi and doing all the things that should be done in order to see improvement, but nothing changes all I notice is the paint in my joints and the bad odor of that gloxi cream.
what is more worst I read from the cream container that you need to apply that cream in order to see result and the smell is really bad.
Kate says :

Moron, gloxi is not made in phil.
The brand is from USA and then intruduce in japan,singapore and then philippines..
How could it possible made in phil… moron.
Do some right research don’t depend on google alone.haha
Kate says :

jun Balauro says :

How to avail this product, im Interested , and willing to purchase, ty ( Gloxi )
Hannah Algs says :

hello . I’m really interested and curious about that stuff. I’m 19 years old and my height was still 4′7 , it’s really a shame :3
Where can I buy this Gloxi in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines?
Galega says :

Generally, a person can continue to grow taller till 21 - 22 years. You are only 19 and hence you have opportunity to add few inches.

You can take Gloxi Height Enhancer for few weeks and see if there is any result. Apart from this, you must ensure to take healthy daily diets rich in protein, iron and calcium - Vit. D3. You should also hit a gym and do regular exercise. Ask your physical trainer about some exercises you can do that can stretch the whole body vertically and can help you to get taller.
Alessandro says :

Honestly, for anything to make that sort of claim it would need a rigorous FDA/health check/approval. Keep in mind that what helps you grow and develop is a hormone (somatropin). A quick research on any search engine will show you that this product does not actually do what it says it can do. The only way to increase your height (and even then it will be marginal) is to do certain sports, such as swimming/stretching, which can also broaden your shoulders and a healthy life style. Again, when you purchase these kinds of items there is always the risk of undesired side effects. Just because it is expensive it does not mean that it works, and last time I checked there was no clinical trial results on the use of this product nor endorsements by a licensed medical profession. A product which can have such an impact on your body needs to be regulated, that’s why the FDA (in the US9 and other such organizations exist, to protect the consumer from fake or hazardous products. As this is not considered medicinal it does not need FDA approval and can be sold over the counter.
quick note by anonymous :

Gloxi product isa scam, claims are false, most likely a stafa, do not purchase this product, as it has no evidence of scientific studies by a reputable university.
G s naranjo, Bsc, human biology
Galega says :

The ingredient of this product can make more HGH hormone, which can result in gaining height before 21 or in some cases, 24 years of age. There are many other reasons which is responsible for your height, including genetic factor which is quite important. Gloxi isn’t as such a scam, but it is definitely not going to work for everyone.
Roland says : roland,from Philippines..i heard a lot about this gloxi, that gloxi will totally make you tall/gain height by using this 21 years old by now and im desperately want to gain more inches, because my height is 5/ younger brother is taller than me which is makes me so jealous and uncomfortable.I really want to gain more height.and as for now im still confusing about the others comments with regards to this gloxi that is not totally good and its a scam..but many also are saying that this gloxi is effective,only in the advertisement i heard..Please guide me to those who are already using this product …thanks
Galega says :

Contrary to what the manufacturer claims, there isn’t any guarantee that Gloxi Height Enhancer will make you taller. In fact, the same rule applies with other similar products in the market. It just stimulates your HGH hormone, which is responsible for our growth. But, many other factors also come into the picture like genetic issues.

You can take it for few days to see if there is any difference. Don’t take it continuously for prolong duration. Further, do take all necessary nutrients and vitamins. Especially, you are required to take sufficient amount of Calcium and other minerals. Further, do exercise daily.
Elmer gapacinao says :

Gloxi is advisable for 41 years old? Please refly.
More power to your pages.
Galega says :

We stop getting taller after 21 - 24 years. Gloxi is a height enhancer supplement. At 41 years of age, you are very unlikely to gain height. And, hence, there is absolutely no need for you to take this product.
mike ticsay says :

i am now 22 years old and planning to buy gloxi, is there any chance for me to grow taller even 1 - 2 inches only if I take gloxi for 4 months ?
Galega says :

There is no guarantee that you will become taller after taking Gloxi. In fact, no height enhancer product can make such type of guarantee. You can take it for short duration as it has the potential of stimulating hgh hormone, which is responsible for growth. But, as I said, there won’t be any guarantee. You should also ensure to have daily diets rich in protein and calcium.
Reah says :

I’m planning to take gloxi .I’m 22years old.there a change to grow toller?
Mark says :

can i take gloxi even though i’m already 20yrs old? is iy safe to take without the doctor prescription?
Galega says :

Yes, you can take Gloxi at the age of 20. You can still grow taller.

If you are not under any treatment and medically fit then you can take Gloxi without even consulting a doctor (for short duration, say 45 days, though).
jay says :

hey i m from India n wanna buy Ur product, can u please tell me where can i get this?
Galega says :

Hi Jay,

I am also from India. This product isn’t available in the Indian market. You can buy through some online store, but there isn’t any guarantee that the product you have got is original (reputed ecommerce sites like Amazon doesn’t keep it). Further, you have to shell out huge money because of the prevailing custom duty, as you might know.

I would suggest you to look for similar brand in the Indian market. There are many.
carlo says :

hi just wanna ask is gloxi can still work to 27 yrs old like me im 5′5 in height. could this can still work for me?
Galega says :

Generally, our growth stops after 21 - 24 years. You have already crossed this age bracket. I think this product may not be helpful for you. It will be better if you concentrate on doing regular exercises and having daily diets rich in protein and calcium.
akd says :

Hi..i really wanted to try gloxi but i dont know how and where to buy it.i am here in south korea i hope you can help me.
Novei says :

Hi i am 24 yrs old i want to enhance my height and get taller is there any possibility for me to get tall at this age. Pls reply
Galega says :

Generally, the longitudinal growth of bones stop after 21 years. Hence, there is very little possibility for you to gain some height. Even then, you can take some height enhancer product for short period of time apart from taking protein and calcium rich diets. You should ensure to do regular height enhancing exercises.
Issa says :

What age can take gloxi? Is it possible to drink if you’re 14?
Galega says :

You are only 14. At this age you should avoid taking any height enhancing supplement. You should take it after 16 years of age.
Blaze says :

Hello i noticed you answer most of the questions here…may i ask if you yourself have also tried the product and what are its effects on you….you seem to know everything about the product and growth…are you a representative or a promoter of this product? You seem so convincing and i want to believe you but before i spend lots of money in this product ofcourse i want physical proof.
Galega says :

I am not a representative of this company. I am also a consumer and have used a height enhancer when I was 19 years old (that was a similar product and I didn’t get any result). If you go through my responses here, you will find that I am not convincing users to go for this product. In majority of cases, I am suggesting against that.
Cecil Antang says :

So, is it effective or not?
Galega says :

It is effective in stimulating HGH hormone, which is to some extent responsible for height. Apart from that, users should do regular exercise and take daily healthy diets rich in Calcium and protein to make it effective. Users should be below 22 years.

And, Gloxi can’t have any effect on DNA - genetics. As you know, height has also something to do with genetics.
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