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  • Apparently, I have a little background so I know who Thor is
  • The script was good enough, although I think they could have done better

    • by Shuyi

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      Thor…Thor…Thor… If you’ve never heard or read about norse mythology then this name might mean nothing to you. Apparently, I have a little background so I know who Thor is. Thor is the God of thunder (that’s the only thing that I could remember though), in the movie he also plays the same role. In this movie, Thor is an arrogant thunder god who was thrown into the earth after he disobeyed his father’s request! Along with this unfortunate event, Thor’s powers were completely ripped from him,

      his mighty hammer casted away into some distant dessert, rendering him a vulnerable mortal. Well, that’s how the plot goes.

      If you’re gonna ask me about my verdict, I am actually halfway to liking it. Why halfway? Well, I didn’t really see too much of Thor! Probably, because he will be coming back again as an avenger, but what the hell, I want more of those muscles! Anyways, effects wise, it was quite good! The graphics was gorgeous in my opinion! The costumes didn’t look cheap, and when you say metal, you see metal, not some cheap plastic hammer! lol. They also picked quite a good cast. Chris Hemsworth as Thor was oozing with muscles! “He’s quite good for a crazy man!” Seriously! Tom Hiddleston as Loki (the villian) didn’t look that cheap either! He portrayed the character quite well.

      The script was good enough, although I think they could have done better! I mean, yeah there were funny scenes, there was serious stuff and also some drama, but actaully only the funny scenes ...

      • Thor (movie 2011)
      connected to me. I think the whole plot and script needed to connect more. If they were gonna make a movie where the main character will return for another movie, then they better make a connection with the audience (like ironman did) so that they will crave for more. In this case, I’m just neutral. I’d like to see more of Thor, but I wish they could’ve made it better!

      The fighting scenes were quite good. Mediocre if I may say. Yes, yes, you may say that when Thor

      was smashed, he got smashed HARD! But, that was when he was still human and I do commend that! However, when he got his hammer back, he was unbeatable! That’s just BORING! Yes, he is a God, but that doesn’t mean he’s unbeatable right! Come on, where is the challenge in whirling a bunch of ice monsters with his hammer? Naah!

      All in all, whether you’ve read norse mythology or you have no idea what it is about, then I still think that Thor is one enjoyable watch! Watch it in 3D!!!

Azriel says :

This is the first movie of Thor. It was so well received here in the Philippines and all over the world. At first it was just another animated movie with a good looking lead, but then it was totally different from what I was expecting. It had a great story, and sure got lots of wonderful effects and actions. This movie is really a great two hour time spent with family.
Moe says :

Thor was a great movie and I love how it deals with Norse mythology because technically Thor is a god and now he works with the likes of Iron Man and Captain America. Chris Hemsworth is able to exude charisma and show that he is capable of being a lead which made the movie that much more interesting. Let’s not forget Tom Hiddleston as Loki is one of the best casting choices I’ve seen in the franchise.
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