Icy Hot Extra Medicated Patch

    • by WendyBird

      Having recurring back pain, I have tried my share of creams, gels, braces, and patches. some work great, others…not so much. One that I buy often, because it works for me, is Icy Hot Extra Medicated Patch in a 5 pack box. It costs about $5 per box and I buy it at places like Walmart or Walgreens.

      These are sticky patches that I place on my back in the painful areas. It has a backing on it that needs to be removed, and once it is, they work like stickers. It has a topical analgesic in it, and they’re good for all sorts of aches and pains. I

      use them, as I said, mainly for backaches, but they also are great with my arthritis, a muscle strain, and for my shoulders if I bang them up at work. It’s great to have a hard day where I am all stiff and sore, and then come home to immediate relief.

      They’re called Icy Hot because that’s what they feel like. When I first put them on, it’s like I stuck a piece of ice to my back. It helps to cool off some of the inflammation that is going on, and it starts to feel really good, but it doesn’t go down deep to my muscles. But then,

      • the iciness goes away and is replaced with a soothing heat. That heat actually does go down to my muscles, and it feels almost like it’s loosening the tension up so that the pain can ease. It feels so wonderful and it really does seem to help with my back pain, even on the bad days.

        The one thing I do not like about this product is that it has a stink to it, smelling almost like Bengay, but with more of a mint aroma. My problem with it is that it is just really strong. But, it does not stay on my skin, so once the patches are removed, I

        don’t smell the product anymore, after 10 minutes or so. I always end up using two, one for each side of my spine in the lower back (since the patches are small, that I buy) and I only need to use them once a day, usually in the evening when I return home from work and being on my feet all day.

        It works wonderfully, and better than some of the competition. It’s not messy, which I love, unlike creams and is just as effective, if not more so. I would recommend this to anyone who has need for a product such as this. It’s been great to me.

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