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  • I decided to purchase store brand, because they had something that would fit into my budget that was a larger package than the national brand for the same amount of money
  • I thought I would try to get the most for my money
  • I think I got 18 roles that were equal to 36
  • I like that it's not like sandpaper, and that I can purchase it continuously
  • I don't think that I will try another store brand of toilet tissue though

    • by 123sg

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      I am normally picky about what I buy that is store brand. I was running low on money one day, and I was running low on toilet tissue as well. I decided to purchase store brand, because they had something that would fit into my budget that was a larger package than the national brand for the same amount of money. I thought I would try to get the most for my money.

      I purchased a generic brand of toilet

      tissue called Willow toilet tissue. I think it is soft. I think it is very absorbent. I find I will continue to purchase Willow toilet tissue. I think I got 18 roles that were equal to 36. For the national brand I think I would’ve gotten 24. I think it is comparable to the national brand. I like how soft it is.

      I normally do not buy store brand when it comes to toilet tissue. Store brand toilet tissue is ...

      • normally like sandpaper. Not the Willow, though. I like that it’s not like sandpaper, and that I can purchase it continuously. I am trying to save for my retirement, so I don’t want to spend too much money. I am also trying to save the money for a down payment on my house. I look for every way I can to save money.

        I am going to be saving money on my toilet tissue from now on. I will continue

        to purchase the Willow toilet tissue. I think that it lasted just as long as it was supposed to last. I think since it is soft, and not uncomfortable I can continue to use it. I don’t think that I will try another store brand of toilet tissue though. If I do, I am afraid I won’t like it. I like getting more for my money. I feel like I got more for my money with Willow toilet tissue.

    Nancy says :

    I have read with tongue in cheek the remarks lauding your tissue. I bought for the first time your brand at Aldi and I`m sorry to say I wasted my money. Your squares are quilt printed but single sheets. When I have to roll off three feet of tissue to keep my hands clean I don`t think that is a value. I will stick with the brand I have been buying and only costing 1.78 more. It is double rolled and quilted. I won`t ask for my money back but you might think about my feelings being I won`t recommend it to my friends .

    Sue says :

    I have purchased the Willow brand toilet tissue for several years. I get the 18 rolls 36. It is as good as any name brand on the market (Charmin, Great Northern, etc.) for so much less in cost. It holds up well. I find no problem with tearing. I also buy Willow facial tissues and am very pleased, especially the square boxes which are 3 ply. Great value for the money

    Tonya says :

    I just purchased the Willow TP from Aldi, actually it was the Willow Soft And strong.12 double rolls for $ 4.99 . I was Skeptical after swearing I’d never buy “Cheap TP” again, but I have to say It’s Not Like Charmin, but I like it better than Angel Soft. To me it’s thicker.. I don’t have to use a lot. There is A difference in the .99 cent willow and the Soft and Strong Willow.. This Is MY opinion though.. And Yes I’d buy it again:)

    Dee Herington says :

    I have been using Willow toilt tissue for several years and am very happy with the softness. I am a longtime customer of Aldis. The last purchase I made - 12 Double Rolls 24 regular rolls didnot have the individual sheets - it was one long roll. As a result, there was a lot of toilet tissue wasted, because it was difficultl to tear the tissue straight across. Guess we should have used a scissors. I went back to Aldis last week and told the clerk about this as I was buying another package of Willow tissues and asked her if they were all going to be that way. She tore a package open and they were individual sheets with perforations to tear. Guess we just got a bad package. Should there be a refund for the defective package? The scan is 41498 15878. Thanks and will await your reply.

    Meg Mac says :

    Aldi has a 100% guarantee on all of their products if you still have the package/one of the rolls to show them you should be able to get a new package for free.

    treckoj says :

    Yes, I also shop at Aldi. I also bought a package of WILLOW paper. It is soft AND strong, as stated. Although I alwas stagger the perforations when I fold the paper, I find that the WILLOW sheets separate far too easily. I will write to ALDI and let them know. I probably will buy it again.

    david says :

    Their soft n strong was great. Now they have removed the names of the three types from their packaging and increased the number of rolls to 18, but the new rolls stink. They are thin, break easily and are not the soft n strong. I won’t be buying from them again. I am going to go get my money back and have the product replaced with something better.

    jody says :

    Willow is as good as Charmin It’s great

    Katie says :

    You, Jody, are a big fat liar. That is all.

    Mary says :

    This is the THINNEST toilet paper EVER? You have to use so much it is not a bargain

    Joanna says :

    Hi Mary,

    I have used it before and my husband and I were using quite a bit. We actually switched to Angel Soft, and ended up saving ourselves money every month because where Angel Soft only requires four or sheets, we had to use 8 or 9 of the Willow.

    If you are looking for a good toilet paper, I would suggest using Angel Soft.

    We get ours a Publix because they are almost always running a sale on it.

    Hope this helps.


    Lynn Watters says :

    I have been buying Willow for a while at Aldi’s also, but recently the manufacturer is doing something wrong. When you take some paper off the roll you get a lot of lint (excess material..dust) with it and it is all over the floor and everywhere else. I don’t want to vacuum EVERY Time I use the toilet. What going on???

    Dan Gribble says :

    I’ve had the same problem. Where is their quality control???? A real mess on the floor.

    Gary says :

    Completely agree. What is going on? 3rd roll now and I have lint all over the bathroom floor. I have to sweep each time?

    Marbss says :

    re : I like that it’s not like sandpaper, and that I can purchase it continuously
    Watch the "with __% more than Angel Soft" labels the 18% more feels like sandpaper

    Laura says :

    I am a long time shopper at Aldi, and I have been buying Willow 2-ply tissue in the 12 back for just as long. For years I thought I was making out because the tissue was both soft and strong for a fraction of the cost of most other toilet tissues. Within the last 6 months or so, I have noticed that the softness is still quite acceptable, but the strength has totally disappeared. I find myself having to use twice as much to keep my fingers from punching through the second it gets wet. EW The decline in quality is very disappointing. I will have to find another brand now. Maybe I’ll try the Angel Soft everyone else is raving about.

    Glenn says :

    This has to be the absolute worst toilet paper ever produced. I bought a 12 pack we have used 1 1/2 rolls and I’m throwing the rest away. This stuff is so thin that you can’t even pull it off the roll without tearing. I am so disgusted that a store would even carry such a product that I searched the internet so I could leave a review. This toilet paper can serve no useful function.

    quick note by anonymous :

    willow has totally changed their paper…it is horrible super low quality now i hate it. i always got willow tp, NOT NO MO

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