Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Pillow Mist in Lavender-Chamomile
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  • I think the herbal side of the scent stimulates me, and it smells so nice to breath in that cozy aroma
  • I like getting buried under the sheets while smelling the mist
  • I recommend this if you’re considering of buying a pillow mist on a shoestring

    • by jhunie


      At the last time I visited a bath and body works store, one thing I posted in my mental memo was to buy the aromatherapy pillow mist. I didn’t miss it the next time I went there, and having spent 10 bucks for a pillow mist was the selling point for me. I’ve been patronizing Aromatherapy products from bath and body works mainly because of their prices. I couldn’t stay stuck at smelling the same scent endlessly from my other pillow mist (l’occitane), which came at an exorbitant price, so I must diversify my method of inducing sleep, or else that sleep potion might stop working at some point. I failed to find something different from the typical lavender scents; this one combined with Chamomile at least smelt like a new variation. And that was the start of another fragrance-infused journey to dreamscapes.

      This kind of lavender smells sweeter and more botanical (almost shampoo-like) and its floral quality is highlighted. It’s quite pleasant and light,

      though I wished it was drier. I have a strong feeling it’s the chamomile that contributes a sedating effect. Maybe it’s because chamomile simply strikes new to me. It’s exactly how I characterize the scent, like drinking a glass of chamomile tea. Thankfully, the chamomile here doesn’t smell soapy like those in cosmetics. In totality, the sweet and herbal notes synthesize to a comforting fragrance. But it sets flat upon the fabric, in the same manner that fabric sprays or linen fragrances do. The mist is somewhat diluted than my other one, and after several hours, the chamomile note is gone. All that remains in my pillow is the lavender. To summarize, it’s a simple and less complex fragrance.

      Although it doesn’t knock me off like a pill, smelling the aromatic fragrance puts me at a tranquil state. I think the herbal side of the scent stimulates me, and it smells so nice to breath in that cozy aroma.

      • It’s the opposite of inhaling toxic perfumes. For a night owl like me, I find this works better with a book on hand (basking in the scent alone wouldn’t work as well, but that’s just me). My brain is very restless even at night, and so many thoughts hold me back from drifting to sleep. The act of reading also relaxes me, and I’m able to focus my consciousness on a single thought. Some days I slept like a log, though it was probably the result of exhaustion.

        Due to the isolated projection of the scent, I end up spraying it over anything: on my pillow, the trim of my blanket, and myself – I mean upon my clothes. I even had my sleep mask lightly spritzed with it. The mist doesn’t stain the fabric, and it would probably make a great room fragrance too. I like getting buried under the sheets while smelling the mist. My older pillow mist presents the fresh

        and perfume-like side of lavender, added with green notes, so that one sort of excites my brain rather than putting me to sleep. This one, though lighter, calms me down to sleep mode.

        Well I was expecting the mist would mesh okay with the warm milk and honey massage oil, also from bath and body works, but together the sweetness became overwhelming. The scent goes away like a fleeting dream, so it’s not going to last the whole night. In the morning, I’m greeted by the stale smell of my sheets again. I cannot say if this sleep aid has any effect on the quality of sleep that I get. It certainly can’t compare to melatonin supplements and the like. There are nights I’m able to sleep uninterrupted, but my sleep pattern is very unpredictable most of the time. It’s good to have something to look forward to every night. I recommend this if you’re considering of buying a pillow mist on a shoestring.

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