Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polish in Illusion d’or
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  • When paired with a milky, ivory shade, I think my whole nail art experience has reached its nirvana
  • This had given me one of the most exciting moments in nail polish history, and I definitely recommend

    • by jhunie


      I was able to fiddle with this beautiful Chanel nail polish for a newspaper write-up. I have kept my nails free of lacquered vanities for many days now. I’m too busy to be minding my nails. If there’s one irresistible thing that could possibly send back the verve to these nails, a Chanel nail polish is more than enough to excite me; that I’m sure. After so much lack of grooming, I and my haggard nails had the chance to try Illusion D’or, a limited edition Chanel nail polish. On the bottle, there was no point getting overexcited, because I honestly thought the golden glitters evoke of nothing special, like a silly nail polish for little girls perhaps. I was never a fan of lacquers with visible shimmers. And my tapered, square nails somehow end up looking childish with glitters. Save it for another time. Wrong!

      Illusion D’or is a translucent lacquer with flecks of gold. I was theoretically correct alright. But the subtle film of gold glitters

      made my heart skip a beat. I loved it. When worn alone, it’s a different kind of gilded lacquer – not full-on gold or silly looking. Illusion d’or really looks exquisite. My nails were barely adorned with gold flecks as to not appear very obvious. It doesn’t have the ostentatious flash of opaque gold nail polish. From there, I was already thinking what else I could do with it. It’s so difficult, though, to remove once it’s set upon bare nails. A stubborn thin film remains, and I hate looking at it as it gives my claws a discolored cast. So I have to scrub it out.

      Actually, it’s not just the Gold here that’s the jewel star of Illusion d’or; I also see sparingly scattered flecks of Amethyst glitters. Altogether, I like its crystallized beauty. The sparkly bits show up like inclusions in a precious gem. Because it has very little to no tint, my nails are practically naked aside from the golden sparkles. Yet ...

      • still, it has that unexplained elegance of a chanel nail polish, such as the very simple ceramic noir or pop colors like gang green. Layered on top of another color, I couldn’t believe how transparent it really was. You can use Illusion d’or as sparkly accent to your favorite shades.

        The polish applies so thinly like a glossy top coat. You make sure not to go less than 3 coats if you want those unsightly yellow discolorations unnoticeable. It dries fast like most varnishes, though that never seems to result to any form of streaking. The glitters create that flawless illusion, sort of. Besides, it’s very thin. The texture feels just like an ordinary nail polish; I don’t feel rough bits and particles. No flakes.

        Even that it surpassed my desires, it left so much to want more. Thanks to this nail polish, I was inspired to combine it with other lacquers of different shades. This glitter add-on fares best atop matte lacquers. Shiny polishes make the glitters trashy.

        I had it on top of a black matte opi shade, and the result was like staring out on a twinkly, starry sky. It’s a classier variation of the gothic black. When paired with a milky, ivory shade, I think my whole nail art experience has reached its nirvana. I wore my nails like that for days. This chanel lacquer truly is a magic chameleon.

        The glittery glaze does get muddy or dull after days of wear. But if you had it on top of an opaque color, it’s difficult to notice, and it lasts longer this way. I washed my hands like crazy, so it chipped no sooner than a week. If you can shell out 24 dollars for this, I wouldn’t object at all. As for me, handing out my credit card would probably be less painful (at least you won’t see tangible money go). Not for now. This had given me one of the most exciting moments in nail polish history, and I definitely recommend.

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