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  • I also found it funny how Inspector Gadget repeatedly insisted that Martians don't exist, but thinks people from Venus are walking the streets

    • by CirclingCanvas


      “The Invasion” is an episode from the “Inspector Gadget” television series. M.A.D. orchestrates an elaborate hoax involving an alien invasion from outer space in an effort to scare off the citizens of Metro City so that the city will be easier to plunder. The tactic works, with the city essentially becoming a ghost town. As the viewer might expect, the deserted city streets are dark with the occasional litter and knocked over garbage cans all being visible. Predictable, but nonetheless appropriate for the atmosphere of this particular episode. Inspector Gadget receives his assignment from Chief Quimby, which is to investigate a possible connection between the recent UFO sightings and M.A.D. activity. Not surprisingly, Inspector Gadget does very little detective work in this episode, and it’s again Penny who figures out the M.A.D. plot and foils their plans.

      This episode of “Inspector Gadget” has a few memorable action sequences that stand out because of how well executed they are. This episode marks yet another occasion when Dr.

      Claw attempts to personally take Inspector Gadget out while driving in his Clawmobile. He causes the Gadgetmobile to go tumbling off an overpass and the car crashes upside down. The scene is animated well and the scene carries a decent degree of suspense, which increases as the Clawmobile swings around and fires a laser pulse at the Gadgetmobile, which Inspector Gadget manages to deflect purely by accident with a shield because he pressed a button that he thought would open a window. The explosion is brilliant and the action culminates with a comical scene where Dr. Claw is so jubilant over the apparent fiery end his nemesis has met that he exclaims he feels like singing, which M.A.D. Cat proceeds to do, but irritates Dr. Claw in the process who angrily proclaims with a smash of his fist, “I said I feel like singing!”.

      Another great action sequence involves Penny taking control of the M.A.D. flying saucer with her computer book and causing it to ...

      • perform somersaults in the air. The flying saucer practically runs Dr. Claw off the road and M.A.D. Cat nearly has a nervous breakdown as he watches the flying saucer through the windshield come close to scraping the paint off the roof of the Clawmobile. The flying saucer’s animations are real fluid and the shots of it flying over a dark Metro City at night look impressive. What I find odd is Penny lands the flying saucer right next to police headquarters and Dr. Claw comes to a stop a couple of yards away. The writers shouldn’t have had Dr. Claw pull up in the Clawmobile because he has the absolute perfect opportunity to shoot Inspector Gadget and Chief Quimby with a pair of twin missiles or use the Clawmobile’s pulse laser cannon. In the process, he’d likely wipe out police headquarters, too. Instead, he merely drives away and proclaims, as always, “I’ll get you next time Gadget!”. The way the scene plays just bothers me and
        could have easily been avoided.

        “The Invasion” is a fun episode of “Inspector Gadget”. It’s got quite a bit of action as well as comedy, so the episode remains entertaining throughout the twenty-two minutes it’s on. Inspector Gadget’s clueless nature, which almost gets him killed a couple of times in this episode, actually ends up saving his life at the same time, like when M.A.D. agents disguised as police officers walk up to him and ask for his autograph, they hand him an exploding pen that’s set to explode. As they run off, Inspector Gadget yells that they forgot their pen, and uses his gadget arm to deposit it in one of the disguised agent’s pocket as he’s running, and seconds later, the three get caught in the explosion. I also found it funny how Inspector Gadget repeatedly insisted that Martians don’t exist, but thinks people from Venus are walking the streets. I really like this episode and the only thing that bothers me about it is the aforementioned ending.

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